CHC 1352     

Art. 1352.  Diversion; support provisions

A.  With the consent of the defendant, at any time prior to a trial on a charge of criminal neglect of family brought pursuant to R.S. 14:74 the court, in lieu of imposing the punishment herein before provided, may issue a support order, after considering the circumstances and financial ability of the defendant, directing the defendant to pay a certain sum, at such periods as the court directs, and to maintain health care insurance.

B.  This support shall be ordered payable to the applicable payee.

C.  The amount of support as set by the court may be increased or decreased as the circumstances may require.

D.  The court may also require the defendant to enter into a recognizance, with or without surety, in order to insure the payment of support and the maintenance of health care insurance.  The condition of the recognizance shall be that the defendant shall make his or her personal appearance in court whenever required to do so, and shall further comply with the terms of the order or of any subsequent modification thereof.

Acts 1993, No. 442, §2, eff. June 9, 1993.