CHC 1354     

Art. 1354. Persons adjudged guilty of criminal neglect

            Whenever a person has been ordered to pay a fixed sum of money as support to an individual following a plea or adjudication for the offense of criminal neglect of family, pursuant to R.S. 14:74, and such person has absconded or fled the jurisdiction of the court or has violated the terms of his probation relating to that support obligation, or both, if such conduct necessitates help and support to the individual by the department and should such person be apprehended and arrearages of his support payments are collected from him, the arrearage collected from the person shall go to the department as reimbursement to the extent allowed by federal law.

            Acts 1993, No. 442, §2, eff. June 9, 1993; Acts 2018, No. 206, §6.