CHC 1607     

Art. 1607.  Joinder and withdrawal

A.  This compact shall be open to joinder by any state.  It shall enter into force as to a state when its duly constituted and empowered authority has executed it.

B.  In order that the provisions of this compact may be accessible to and known by the general public and so that its status as law in each of the party states may be fully implemented, the full text of the compact, together with a notice of its execution shall be caused to be published by the authority which has executed it in each party state.  Copies of the compact shall be made available upon request made of the executing authority in any state.

C.  Withdrawal from this compact shall be by written notice sent by the authority which executed it to the appropriate officials of all other party states, but no such notice shall take effect until one year after it is given in accordance with the requirements of this Paragraph.

D.  All adoption assistance agreements outstanding and to which a party state is signatory at the time when its withdrawal from this compact takes effect shall continue to have the effects given to them pursuant to this compact, until they expire or are terminated in accordance with their provisions.  Until such expiration or termination, all beneficiaries of the agreements involved shall continue to have all rights and obligations conferred or imposed by this compact, and the withdrawing state shall continue to administer the compact to the extent necessary to accord and implement fully the rights and protections preserved hereby.

Acts 1991, No. 235, §16, eff. Jan. 1, 1992.