CHC 791.1     



Art. 791.1.  Purpose

The purpose of this Chapter is to authorize the creation of truancy and assessment and service centers.  Truancy has long been demonstrated nationwide as a primary indicator of a path to juvenile delinquency.  Parishes and judicial districts have demonstrated a willingness to address truancy by providing a physical location in each parish where personnel from local schools, law enforcement, courts exercising jurisdiction over juveniles, district attorneys, correction and substance abuse counselors, and family and child-serving agencies can work together in a coordinated effort.  Early intervention has been demonstrated as the key to providing the greatest chance for correcting the actions of juveniles who demonstrate a propensity for destructive or criminal behavior.  The earliest possible venue for addressing the problem begins in kindergarten.  By intervening at this phase, it is possible to correct potential delinquent behavior before the chances for correction become insurmountable.  The centers will address the underlying causes of truancy by pooling existing resources targeted at the child and family through appropriate action by service and treatment agencies.

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