CHC 817     

Art. 817. Release from custody

            A. As soon as practicable after a child is received by a juvenile detention center or shelter care facility, the court or an individual or entity authorized by the court to make the determination, shall, upon determining it to be appropriate, release the child to the care of his parents or other relatives upon their written promise to bring him to court at such times as may be fixed by the court. The court may also impose reasonable restrictions upon the child's travel, place of abode, association with other people, or employment during the period of this release.

            B. If the court finds that these conditions are insufficient to assure the presence of the child at later proceedings, the court may require the posting of bail in accordance with Chapter 6 of this Title.

            C. If the court finds that release under neither Paragraph A or B of this Article is appropriate, it may authorize the continued custody of a child pending a hearing in accordance with Chapter 5 of this Title.

            D. If custody is continued, an appropriate representative of the arresting agency shall be responsible for transporting the child to the adjudication or dispositional hearing, or both, and transporting the child back to the juvenile detention center or to such state or local facility as determined by the court through its order or judgment or disposition.

            Acts 1991, No. 235, §8, eff. Jan. 1, 1992; Acts 2019, No. 147, §1.