CHC 725.2     

Art. 725.2. Safe house for sexually exploited children

            A.(1) The department shall identify and maintain a current listing of safe houses which are licensed residential homes that specialize in the provision of services to sexually exploited children, regardless of whether those facilities receive taxpayer funding. This listing shall be made available to the governor's office of human trafficking prevention and to courts, prosecutors, and other stakeholders involved in proceedings pertaining to an exploited child.

            (2) The department may, to the extent funds are available, operate or contract with an appropriate nongovernmental agency with experience working with sexually exploited children to operate one or more safe houses in a geographically appropriate area of the state.

            (3) Each safe house shall provide safe and secure housing and specialized services for sexually exploited children.

            (4) Nothing in this Article shall be construed to preclude an agency from applying for and accepting grants, gifts, and bequests for funds from private individuals, foundations, and the federal government for the purpose of creating or carrying out the duties of a safe house for sexually exploited children.

            B. Each safe house listed with the department to provide services to sexually exploited children pursuant to the provisions of this Article shall submit to the governor's office of human trafficking prevention and to the department an annual report on their operations including information on the services offered, a listing of credentials, training, and licenses specific to survivor-centered and trauma-informed services for human trafficking survivors, geographic areas served, number of children served, and individual status updates on each child served. This information shall not include the name, address, or other identifying information of the child served. The governor's office of human trafficking prevention shall compile the data from all the reports submitted by each safe house pursuant to the provisions of this Article and shall provide this information in an annual report to the legislature on or before the first day of February each year.

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