RS 32:1303     

§1303.  Owners and drivers to comply with inspection laws

A.  No person driving a vehicle shall refuse to submit such vehicle to an inspection and test when required to do so by the director or an authorized officer or employee of the department.

B.  Every owner or driver, upon receiving a notice as provided in R.S. 32:1302 shall comply therewith and shall within 5 days secure an official certificate of inspection and approval which shall be issued in duplicate, one copy to be retained by the owner or driver and the other copy to be forwarded to the department.  In lieu of compliance with this Sub-section the vehicle shall not be operated, except as provided in Sub-section C of this Section.

C.  No person shall operate any vehicle after receiving a notice with reference thereto as above provided, except as may be necessary to return such vehicle to the residence or place of business of the owner or driver, if within a distance of 20 miles, or to a garage, until said vehicle and its equipment has been placed in proper repair and adjustment and otherwise made to conform to the requirements of this act and a certificate of inspection and approval shall be obtained as promptly as possible thereafter.

D.  In the event repair or adjustment of any vehicle or its equipment is found necessary upon inspection, the owner of said vehicle may obtain such repair or adjustment at any place he may choose, but in every event an official certificate of inspection and approval must be obtained, otherwise such vehicle shall not be operated upon the highways of this State.

Acts 1960, No. 405, §3.