RS 32:1476     

§1476.  Hearing; procedure

The matter shall be heard by an adjudication officer of the Department of Public Safety.  If the person named in the abstract denies that he was convicted of any offense shown in the abstract and necessary for a holding that he is a habitual offender, and if the department cannot, on the evidence available to it, determine the issue, the department may request the decision of such issue from the court in which such conviction was reportedly made.  The court to which such request is made shall send to the department certified copies of its records determining such issue.  The department in its discretion, may rely on certified copies of convictions adjudged by courts outside of this state, or federal courts, or may request such a court to make a determination.

Added by Acts 1972, No. 697, §1.  Amended by Acts 1982, No. 555, §1.