RS 32:172     

§172. All vehicles must stop at certain railroad grade crossings

            A.(1) The department shall determine highway grade crossings of railroads on state maintained highways or roads which are of particular danger to public safety and shall erect stop signs thereat.

            (2) The department shall also make a preliminary determination of highway grade crossings of railroads on non-state maintained public highways or roads which are of particular danger to public safety which shall be made available to parishes and municipalities. The governing authorities of such parishes and municipalities may erect stop signs at such crossings.

            (3) The department shall promulgate rules and regulations, not later than December 15, 1998, which set forth criteria to determine those crossings which are particularly dangerous, to include but not be limited to crossings where multiple collisions have occurred, crossings which are high-profile crossings, and crossings with reduced sight distance or visibility. When such stop signs are erected, the driver of any vehicle shall stop within fifty feet, but not less than fifteen feet, from the nearest rail of such railroad and shall proceed only upon exercising due care.

            B. The opinions and final report of the department promulgated or published pursuant to this Section shall not be subject to any discovery or production nor be admissible evidence in any judicial proceeding in this state.

            C. A decision of the department relative to the placement of a stop sign at a crossing which possesses any other warning device shall not be considered as presumptive or conclusive evidence of fault on the part of the state or its agents or any political subdivision or its agents.

            D. Nothing in this Section shall relieve the railroad of its responsibility to maintain safe crossings and operate its trains and other on-track equipment in a safe manner.

            Acts 1962, No. 310, §1; Acts 1998, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 121, §1; Acts 2017, No. 410, §1.