RS 32:1801     


§§1801 through 1806.

Note: New Chapter 18, to be comprised of Sections 1801 - 1806, was to be enacted by Acts 2014, Acts 830, §1, effective subject to Section 3 of Acts 2014, No. 830. Section 3 of Act 830 reads as follows:

Section 3. This Act shall take effect and become operative if and when the proposed amendment of Article VII, Sections 10.3, 14, and 27 of the Constitution of Louisiana contained in the Acts which originated as House Bill Nos. 628 and 629* of this 2014 Regular Session of the Legislature are adopted at the statewide election to be held on November 4, 2014, and become effective.

* House Bill 628, amending La. Const. Art. VII, Section 14(B) became Act 873, authorizing capitalization of a state infrastructure bank, effective pending vote November 4, 2014. House Bill 629, amending La. Const. Art. VII, Sections 27 and 10.3, providing for deposit of excess mineral revenues into the Transportation Trust Fund in order to capitalize a state infrastructure bank, failed to become enacted.