RS 32:387.12     

§387.12.  Annual noncritical off-road equipment permit; authorization

A.  Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the secretary shall promulgate rules and regulations in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act as may be necessary to provide for an annual noncritical off-road equipment permit.  "Noncritical off-road equipment" means either vehicles or combinations of vehicles without booster units, or vehicles with a single-single, single-tandem, single-triple, or tandem-tandem axle configuration in which no single axle is in excess of thirty thousand pounds nor tandem or triple axles in excess of fifty-four thousand pounds, as defined in the manual entitled "Louisiana Regulations for Trucks, Vehicles and Loads", or those vehicles classified as noncritical off-road equipment by the department.

B.  The fee for a noncritical off-road equipment permit shall be one thousand dollars per permit per year.

C.  Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary and provided that there are no objections raised by the federal government, noncritical off-road equipment that has been issued a valid annual noncritical off-road equipment permit may be allowed to tow a two-axle motor vehicle as long as the towed vehicle does not exceed ten thousand pounds gross vehicle weight, and the combination of the off-road equipment and the towed vehicle does not exceed an overall length of sixty-five feet.  Counterweights are allowed to be carried on the off-road equipment when carried in a functional position.

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