RS 32:387.6     

§387.6.  Special permits; trucks hauling cotton modules

Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the secretary shall issue annual special permits to persons who operate trucks which haul cotton modules and are in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  These permits shall be issued in accordance with the following provisions:

(1)  The permits shall be issued at the truck permit office of the Department of Transportation and Development.

(2)  The fee for the permits shall be fifty dollars per permit per year.

(3)  The permit shall authorize the operation of a three-axle vehicle at a gross weight of sixty-eight thousand pounds; with a tandem axle not to exceed forty-eight thousand pounds; and a single axle not to exceed twenty thousand pounds.  These permits shall allow travel on any state-maintained highway with the exception of interstates.

(4)  The secretary may impose a civil penalty of up to five cents per pound for each violation of the limit established in this Subsection.  The secretary, by rule, shall establish procedures for enforcing the provisions of this Subsection, including a procedure by which persons accused of violations may contest those accusations.

Acts 1995, No. 790, §1.