RS 32:387.9     

§387.9.  Special permit; vehicles hauling agronomic or horticultural crops

Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the secretary shall issue annual special permits to persons who operate vehicles hauling agronomic or horticultural crops in their natural state.  Such permits may be issued to either the pulling unit or the trailer contained in the combination which shall have a minimum of eighteen wheels.  These permits shall be issued in accordance with the following provisions:

(1)  The permits shall be issued at the truck permit office of the Department of Transportation and Development.

(2)  The fee for the permits shall be one hundred dollars per permit per year.

(3)  The permit shall authorize the operation of the vehicle combination at a gross weight not to exceed one hundred thousand pounds.

(4)  The secretary may impose a civil penalty of up to five cents per pound for each violation of the limit established in this Section.  The secretary, by rule, shall establish procedures for enforcing the provisions of this Section, including a procedure by which persons accused of violations may contest those accusations.

(5)  Vehicles permitted under the provisions of this Section shall be prohibited from traveling on the interstate system.

(6)  The permit shall be specific to the vehicle that is indicated by the permit applicant upon application.

Acts 1997, No. 420, §1; Acts 2004, No. 300, §1, eff. June 18, 2004.