RS 32:390.22     

§390.22.  Services and assistance

A.  The truck center shall serve as a centralized licensing and information center.

B.  The truck center shall have the responsibility of developing, implementing, managing, and operating a system of:

(1)  Assisting the trucking interests by providing both general and specific information on permitting and by furnishing permit application forms pertaining to their specific businesses.

(2)  Compiling a list of all state permits and categorizing the required permits into a comprehensive handbook that is readily available to persons interested in establishing a motor carrier trade.

(3)  Providing an applicant with on-site contacts with the proper state agency representative responsible for processing and reviewing the respective permit application.

(4)  Assisting the applicant in the following:

(a)  Clarification of licensing requirements and standards.

(b)  Preparation of applications and forms.

(c)  Determination of the status of an application during the review process, including the resolution of disputes.

(d)  General coordination of the various aspects of the permitting or licensing process.

(5)  Coordinating federal, state, and local permit review actions to the extent practicable.

(6)  Allow trucking interests to procure and pay for needed authorizations at a one-stop site.

Acts 1997, No. 273, §1.