RS 32:403.1     

§403.1.  Application of persons sixty years of age or above

Every person, sixty years of age or above, applying for a license under the provisions of this Chapter shall attach to his application a detailed report from a duly licensed physician or optometrist indicating his visual ability and a detailed medical report from a duly licensed physician indicating his physical condition and specifying any defects in connection therewith which might impair the applicant's ability to exercise ordinary and reasonable control in the operation of a motor vehicle.  The provisions of this Section shall not apply to persons applying for a renewal license except for those persons subject to R.S. 32:403.4.  However, it shall not be a breach of duty to the public or the individual if the department inadvertently fails to require a report from such applicant or if the department issues a license under the mistaken belief that such applicant is capable of driving safely.

Added by Acts 1968, No. 273, §8.  Acts 1989, No. 293, §1, eff. June 27, 1989.