RS 32:406     

§406. Licensee must give notice of change of address

            A. Whenever any person after applying for or receiving a license shall move permanently from the address or place of residence named in the application he shall, within ten days thereafter, notify the driver's license division, in writing or electronically, of such change and of his new address.

            B.(1) A licensee may update their permanent address in person, by mail, or online to correct their address for the issuance of a Class "D" or "E" license. The reconstructed driver's license shall be mailed to the licensee's updated permanent address.

            (2) No cost shall apply pursuant to R.S. 32:412.1 and 413 for transactions to correct an address due to the renaming of a street or highway in accordance with a parish or municipal ordinance.

            C. The provisions contained in Subsection B of this Section shall not apply to a license which is REAL ID compliant. The address of a REAL ID compliant license shall be changed at a motor vehicle field office or the office of a public license tag agent authorized to issue REAL ID compliant licenses.

Amended by Acts 2021, No. 335, §1.