RS 32:641     


§641.  Parishwide schedule of fines, penalties and costs; written pleas of guilty; payment; exceptions

A.  The judges of any judicial district, the parish of Orleans excepted, with the consent of the district attorney, may adopt a parishwide schedule of fines, penalties and costs for violations of the traffic laws and regulations of the state of Louisiana or any parish under their jurisdiction, within the limits of such penalties as are set by law, and such schedules shall be applicable as provided hereafter.

B.  Any person apprehended for or charged with the violation of a law or regulation contained in such schedule may enter a written plea of guilty to the same by signing a declaration to that effect, which declaration shall specify the issue charged and the time and place thereof, and deposit with the sheriff of the parish a sum of money corresponding to the schedule of fines and costs for the violation of the particular traffic offense charged.  The said declaration shall authorize the sheriff to pay the amount of such fine, penalty and costs from money deposited in escrow for that purpose with the sheriff.  Such declarations and the deposit of money in escrow shall be executed and transferred only in the courthouse, parish jail or such other place as is designated by the judges, and within such time limits as is set by the judges.

C.  The judge or district attorney may refuse to accept such written plea of guilty in any case and in the event of refusal, the written plea of guilty shall not be admissible in evidence for any reason whatsoever.

D.  This Section does not apply to any person charged with any offense under Title 14 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, except reckless operation of a motor vehicle where no accident is involved.

E.  For traffic offenses, the fines for which are scheduled under the provisions of this Section, clerks of the judicial district courts shall not be required to keep and transcribe minutes for proceedings involving offenders who plead guilty and pay fines before their scheduled trial, thereby waiving their court appearance.  This provision may be modified by rule of court.

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