RS 32:728     

§728. Fees

            Unless required to be waived pursuant to R.S. 32:1729, the commissioner shall charge the following fees and no others:

            (1) Each certificate of title-- sixty-eight dollars and fifty cents.

            (2) Each certified copy of a certificate of title--fifteen dollars.

            (3) Each memorandum certificate--one dollar; provided, that if the application for a memorandum certificate is made at the time of application for a certificate of title, the commissioner shall charge only the three dollar and fifty cent fee for the certificate of title and no fee shall be required for the memorandum certificate.

            (4) Each certified copy of memorandum certificate--one dollar.

            (5) Each notation of a security interest, whether a chattel mortgage, other security agreement, or other financing statement evidencing such security interest is filed, on a vehicle certificate of title--five dollars.

            (6) Each cancellation of a notation of any chattel mortgage or security interest on a certificate of title or a cancellation of a floor plan mortgage--five dollars.

            (7) Each permit to sell or duplicate permit to sell a motor vehicle--fifteen dollars.

            (8) Each salvage title-- sixty-eight dollars and fifty cents.

            (9) The fees authorized under R.S. 10:9-525 et seq.

            (10) Each certificate of title issued pursuant to a procedure established by R.S. 32:707.6 – ten dollars in addition to the eighteen dollars and fifty cents charged for each certificate of title as authorized pursuant to Paragraph (1) of this Section. The additional ten dollars shall be forwarded to the state treasurer for deposit into the Office of Motor Vehicles Customer Service and Technology Dedicated Fund Account.

            (11) The fees authorized by R.S. 32:707.2(C)(4).

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