RS 32:738     

§738.  Cease and desist order; injunctive relief

A.  In addition to or in lieu of the administrative sanctions provided in this Chapter, and any criminal sanctions otherwise provided by law, the office of motor vehicles is empowered to issue an order to any person engaged in any activity, conduct, or practice constituting a violation of any provision of this Chapter, directing such person to cease and desist from such activity, conduct, or practice.  Such order shall be issued in the name of the state of Louisiana under the official seal of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, office of motor vehicles.  

B.  If the person to whom the office of motor vehicles directs a cease and desist order does not cease and desist the proscribed activity, conduct, or practice within ten days from service of such cease and desist order by certified mail, the office of motor vehicles may cause to issue a writ of injunction enjoining such person from engaging in any activity, conduct, or practice proscribed by this Chapter.  Such proceeding shall be brought in the district court having civil jurisdiction in any parish in which such person resides, or is domiciled or has his principal place of business.  If the person whose license is to be suspended, revoked, canceled, or otherwise restricted is a nonresident and is not domiciled within the state, such proceeding may be brought in the Nineteenth Judicial District Court for the parish of East Baton Rouge.  

C.  Upon a proper showing by the office of motor vehicles that such person has engaged or is engaged in any activity, conduct, or practice proscribed by this Chapter, the court shall issue a temporary restraining order restraining the person from engaging in unlawful activity, conduct, or practices pending the hearing on a preliminary injunction, and in due course a permanent injunction shall issue after hearing, commanding the cessation of the unlawful activity, conduct, or practice complained of, all without the necessity of the office of motor vehicles having to give bond as usually required in such cases.  

D.  The trial of the proceeding by injunction shall be a summary proceeding, and shall be by the judge alone without a jury.  

Acts 1993, No. 737, §1.