RS 32:910     

§910.  Driver's license; immediate reinstatement, reissuance, or issuance of restricted license

Whenever any person who is eligible for the reinstatement of a license, reissuance of a license, or issuance of a restricted license due to economic hardship, upon presentation of proof of financial responsibility under the provisions of this Chapter, presents a certified copy of the judgment ordering the reinstatement, reissuance, or issuance at the driver's license office for the parish in which he resides, the Department of Public Safety shall immediately reinstate, reissue, or issue the license to which the person is entitled without any additional administrative delays.  If at a later date the Department of Public Safety determines that the proof given was false or fraudulent, the license previously reinstated, reissued, or issued shall immediately be suspended for a period of time in accordance with the original order of suspension and the person shall be prosecuted as otherwise provided by law.

Added by Acts 1981, No. 445, §1.