RS 40:1237.3     

§1237.3. Medical review panel; one panel for state and private claims

            The following provisions shall apply when, for the same injury to or death of a patient, a malpractice claim alleges liability of both a state health care provider under the provisions of this Part and a health care provider under the provisions of Part I of this Subchapter:

            (1) Unless all parties have agreed otherwise, only one medical review panel shall be convened in such instance to review the claims under this Part and Part I of this Subchapter.

            (2) The panel shall consist of a single attorney chairperson and three health care providers who hold unlimited licenses to practice their profession in Louisiana.

            (3) The panel shall be considered a joint medical review panel, and its actions shall be deemed to have the same force and effect as if a separate medical review panel had been convened under each of the respective Parts.

            (4) The panel shall be governed by the law applicable under both Parts. In the event of a procedural conflict between the provisions of the Parts, the provisions of R.S. 40:1231.8 shall govern.

            Acts 2004, No. 183, §1, eff. June 10, 2004; Redesignated from R.S. 40:1299.39.2 by HCR 84 of 2015 R.S.