House Order of the Day
April 19, 2017
4:00 pm
House Chamber


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House Committee Grid
  BLUE = already considered.   RED = currently being considered.   BLACK = not yet considered.
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1. Roll Call

2. Prayer

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Reading of Journal

5. Petitions, Memorials, and Communications

6. Introduction of Resolutions

7. Introduction of Bills

8. Senate Bills on First Reading

9. Reports of Committees

12. House Bills on Second Reading to be Referred to Committee
 HB3ABRAMSONCAPITAL OUTLAY - Provides for the Omnibus Bond Act
 HB630JAMESTAX/INCOME TAX - Eliminates the deductibility of federal income taxes paid for purposes of calculating state individual income tax
 HB631JAY MORRISTAX CREDITS - Provides relative to the cap on the amount of motion picture production tax credits paid each year (EG SEE FISC NOTE GF RV See Note)
 HB632S.CARTERTAX/GASOLINE TAX - Creates an additional tax on motor fuels and requires the tax on gasoline, diesel fuels, and special fuels to be adjusted annually in accordance with the Consumer Price Index (EG +$551,600,000 SD RV See Note)
 HB633THIBAUTTAX/INCOME-CREDIT - Provides for the carry forward rather than the refund of excess amounts of the solar energy systems tax credit under certain circumstances (OR -$1,700,000 GF RV See Note)
 HB634THIBAUTTAX/SALES-USE, STATE - Provides relative to the levy of state sales and use taxes
 HB635IVEYTAX/SALES-USE-EXEMPT - Provides with respect to sales tax holidays (EG -$645,000 GF RV See Note)
 HB636IVEYTAX/SALES-USE, STATE - Provides with respect to the imposition of sales and use taxes (OR +$196,000,000 GF RV See Note)
 HB637L.HARRISTAX CREDITS - Repeals the La. Citizens Property Insurance Corporation assessment income tax credit (EG +$11,250,000 GF RV See Note)
 HB638JONESTAX/SALES-USE, STATE - Extends the sunset of the temporary one cent state sales and use tax to June 30, 2023
 HB639SCHEXNAYDERTAX CREDITS - Excludes compensation earned by certain out-of-state employees and nonresident businesses for disaster or emergency-related work performed during disaster periods from state income tax (RE1 DECREASE GF RV See Note)
 HB640STOKESTAX CREDITS - Provides for when a motion picture production tax credit is earned by a motion picture production company (EG1 SEE FISC NOTE GF RV See Note)
 HB641MCFARLANDTAX CREDITS - Establishes the La. Rural Jobs Act Tax Credit Program (RE -$90,000,000 GF RV See Note)
 HB642MCFARLANDTAX/SALES-USE, STATE - Provides relative to the state sales and use tax
 HB643HUVALINSURANCE - Provides for license fees collected by the commissioner of insurance (EN +$76,000 SG RV See Note)
 HB644HAVARDTAX/CORP INCOME - Limits the maximum amount of the net operating loss deduction that may be carried over to subsequent years

13. Senate Bills on Second Reading to be Referred to Committee
 SB14LUNEAUHEALTH CARE - Amends the definition of "auto-injector" for purposes of emergency medical services. (gov sig)
 SB28MORRISHCRIMINAL JUSTICE - Provides relative to facilities providing housing to individuals referred by judicial agencies. (8/1/17)
 SB34BOUDREAUXHEALTH SERVICES - Provides relative to emergency ground ambulance service providers. (gov sig) (EN SEE FISC NOTE SD RV See Note)
 SB42JOHNSPUBLIC HEALTH - Creates the Louisiana Human Trafficking Prevention Commission and Advisory Board. (8/1/17)
 SB70DONAHUECONTROL DANGER SUBSTANCE - Makes misbranding or adulteration of drugs under certain circumstances a felony. (8/1/17)
 SB76LAMBERTCRIMINAL PROCEDURE - Provides for venue in certain criminal cases. (gov sig)
 SB96JOHNSCONTROL DANGER SUBSTANCE - Provides relative to the prescription monitoring program. (gov sig) (EN SEE FISC NOTE SG RV)
 SB116MILLSLOCAL OFFICIALS - Provides for the Work Out Now: WON Louisiana Legislative Commission. (gov sig) (EN NO IMPACT GF EX See Note)

16. House Bills on Second Reading Reported by Committee
 HB18JENKINSHIGHWAYS - Designates a portion of Louisiana Highway 1 in Shreveport as the "Deacon Cleophus Banks, Jr. Memorial Highway"
 HB28EMERSONMTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES - Creates the "Acadiana High School" special prestige license plate
 HB29HOWARDHIGHWAYS - Designates a portion of Highway 171 in Anacoco, La., as the "Sergeant James Edward Martin Memorial Highway"
 HB30SCHEXNAYDERMTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES - Creates the "Louisiana Patriot Guard Riders" specialty license plate
 HB39HILLHIGHWAYS - Designates a portion of Louisiana Highway 377 in Vernon Parish as the "Corporal Leonard Carroll Bond Memorial Highway"
 HB40HOWARDHIGHWAYS - Designates portions of certain Louisiana Highways
 HB65HENSGENSMTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES - Creates the "Sabine Pass Lighthouse" specialty license plate (EN INCREASE SD RV See Note)
 HB100JOHNSONHIGHWAYS - Designates a portion of La. Highway 1 within the city limits of Simmesport, Louisiana, as "Joe Simon Boulevard"
 HB115CROMERFAMILY LAW - Provides for the continuous revision of community property laws
 HB121G.MILLERSUCCESSIONS - Provides relative to a detailed descriptive list in an independent administration of estates
 HB128CARMODYPUBLIC SERVICE COMN - Provides relative to regulations imposed by the Louisiana Public Service Commission on household goods carriers
 HB136JEFFERSONDIVORCE - Provides for the time periods for no-fault divorce and interim spousal support
 HB167CARMODYMOTOR VEHICLES - Provides for unauthorized acts relative to motor vehicles
 HB191GUINNWILDLIFE & FISHERIES - Changes the name of the "Quail Unlimited" prestige license plate to the "Quail Forever" prestige license plate
 HB193JIM MORRISBRIDGES/FERRIES - Designates the bridge on Louisiana Highway 2 over James Bayou as the "Hart's Ferry Bridge"
 HB227SHADOINCOURTS/COURT REPORTERS - Provides relative to sealing and delivering depositions
 HB244HILFERTYEVIDENCE - Allows certain business records to be self-authenticated
 HB319JORDANHIGHWAYS - Designates a portion of Louisiana Highway 1 as the "Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Highway"
 HB326MACKCOSMETOLOGY/BOARD - Provides relative to fees imposed by the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology (EG +$370,710 SG RV See Note)
 HB388CARMODYMOTOR VEHICLES - Requires the Used Motor Vehicle Commission to report information collected by salvage pools or salvage disposal sales
 HB400GAROFALOMORTGAGES - Provides for certain form requirements imposed on financial institutions relative to the cancellation of mortgages
 HB439ZERINGUECIVIL/PROCEDURE - Provides for continuous revisions to the Code of Civil Procedure and related provisions of the Revised Statutes
 HB476HAZELMTR VEHICLE/LICEN PLATES - Modifies the allocation of funding for the Support Our Troops special prestige license plate
 HB525SEABAUGHLIABILITY/CIVIL - Provides for liability for violation of certain federal detainer orders under certain circumstances
 HB560HUNTERCIVIL/PROCEDURE - Provides with respect to legislative continuance


1. House and Concurrent Resolutions Third Reading for Final Consideration

Not yet scheduled for floor debate
 HCR2FOILCHILDREN/TUTORSHIP - Requests the Louisiana State Law Institute to study tutorship and the legal capacity of an emancipated minor

5. House Bills on Third Reading and Final Passage

Scheduled for floor debate on 4/20/2017
 HB123M.WHITEFAMILY LAW - Amends provisions of law regarding divorce
 HB137JENKINSMALPRACTICE/MEDICAL - Provides relative to the filing of requests for medical review panels
 HB211FOILSECRETARY OF STATE - Provides relative to business filings with the secretary of state

Scheduled for floor debate on 4/24/2017
 HB290COXREAL ESTATE/APPRAISERS - Provides relative to appraisal management company license applications and renewals (EN DECREASE SG RV See Note)
 HB299COUSSANTECHNOLOGY - Provides relative to the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise Commission
 HB310REYNOLDSCORPORATIONS - Provides for revisions to the Business Corporations Act
 HB317BAGLEYCHILDREN/ADOPTION - Provides for the acceptance of a child surrendered for adoption by the Department of Children and Family Services
 HB460BERTHELOTFIRE PROTECT/FIREMEN - Authorizes the state fire marshal to purchase a specified group insurance policy for the benefit of certain volunteer members of fire companies (EN +$500,000 SD EX See Note)
 HB524SCHRODERCIVIL/DISCOVERY - Provides relative to the stay of discovery in certain proceedings