Senate Daily Digest
April 14, 2021
4:30 p.m.
Senate Chamber


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Petitions, Memorials, and Communications

Senate Resolutions 2nd Reading
 SR15PRICECOMMENDATIONS - Commends the Louisiana State Employees' Retirement System on the occasion of its seventy-fifth anniversary.

Senate Resolutions 2nd Reading Subject to Call
 SR13HENRYSPECIAL DAY/WEEK/MONTH - Designates Monday, April 19, 2021, as Child Advocacy Center (CAC) Day in Louisiana.
 SR14FIELDSSPECIAL DAY/WEEK/MONTH - Recognizes the University of Louisiana System and designates Wednesday, April 14, 2021 as University of Louisiana System Day at the Capitol.

Senate Concurrent Resolutions 2nd Reading
 SCR22CATHEYPOSTSECONDARY ED - Requests the Louisiana State University Board of Supervisors to name the basketball court in the PMAC after Coach Dale Brown.

House Concurrent Resolutions 2nd Reading
 HCR23THOMPSONCONDOLENCES - Expresses condolences on the death of Robert Patrick

Senate Bills Reported by Committee
 SB9PRICECHILDREN'S CODE - Provides relative to continuous revision of the Children's Code. (8/1/21)
 SB13PRICESTATE POLICE RETIREMENT - Allows upgrade of accrual rate applicable to transferred service credit. (gov sig) (2/3 - CA10s29(F)) (EN INCREASE APV)
 SB18JOHNSSTATE POLICE RETIREMENT - Provides for the reemployment of retirees. (gov sig) (2/3 - CA10s29(F)) (EN INCREASE APV)
 SB24PRICERETIREMENT BENEFITS - Provides a minimum benefit increase for certain retirees, beneficiaries, and survivors of the Teachers' Retirement System of Louisiana, Louisiana State Employees' Retirement System, Louisiana School Employees' Retirement System, and State Police Retirement System. (6/30/21) (2/3 CA10s29(F)) (EN INCREASE APV)
 SB32CATHEYAGRICULTURE/FOREST COMR - Repeals the exclusion of certain agricultural products authorized to be sampled and analyzed by the commissioner of agriculture. (gov sig)
 SB58WOMACKANIMALS - Provides for the identification of certain impounded animals. (gov sig)
 SB62MILLIGANCIVIL COMMITMENT - Provides relative to the management of the affairs of an interdict. (8/1/21)
 SB113GREGORY TARVERCIVIL PROCEDURE - Provides relative to the payment of fees for interpreters for non-English-speaking persons in civil cases. (gov sig) (EN SEE FISC NOTE LF RV See Note)
 SB120BOUDREAUXCOURTS - Provides for the salary of the marshal of the city court of Lafayette. (gov sig) (EN INCREASE LF EX See Note)
 SB157ALLAINTAX EXEMPTIONS - Exempts certain mobile workers from individual income tax and their employers from withholding tax. (gov sig) (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF RV See Note)
 SB159ALLAINTAX/TAXATION - Constitutional amendment to reduce the maximum rate of individual income tax and to provide for a federal income tax deduction as provided by law. (2/3 - CA13s1(A)) (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF RV See Note)
 SB160ALLAINREVENUE DEPARTMENT - Conforms state partnership reporting adjustments to federal taxable income to current federal partnership audit adjustments. (gov sig) (EN NO IMPACT GF RV See Note)
 SB161ALLAINTAX/FRANCHISE/CORPORATE - Extends the termination date of the exemption from corporate franchise tax for small business corporations. (See Act) (EN -$55,900,000 GF RV See Note)
 SB171ALLAINTAX EXEMPTIONS - Provides for severance tax exemptions and site-specific trust funds for certain orphan wells. (gov sig) (EN SEE FISC NOTE SD RV See Note)