Senate Daily Digest
April 20, 2021
3:00 p.m.
Senate Chamber


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Pledge of Allegiance

Reading of Journal

Petitions, Memorials, and Communications

Senate Bills on Second Reading to be Referred
 SB238MILLIGANSCHOOLS - Provides with respect to the Caddo Educational Excellence Fund. (gov sig) (EN INCREASE LF RV See Note)
 SB239JOHNSTAX/INCOME/PERSONAL - Modifies the federal income tax deduction for taxpayers impacted by 2020 hurricanes. (gov sig) (EN DECREASE GF RV See Note)
 SB240LUNEAUTAX/TAXATION - Limits the utilization of income and corporation franchise tax credits to total tax liability. (gov sig) (RE INCREASE GF RV See Note)

Senate Resolutions 2nd Reading
 SR16FOILCONDOLENCES - Expresses condolences upon the death of Natale Anthony Maestri Jr.

Senate Concurrent Resolutions 2nd Reading
 SCR25CATHEYCAPITAL OUTLAY - Provides relative to matching funds for nonstate projects in capital outlay acts.

House Bills on Second Reading to be Referred
 HB37BACALAADOPTION - Provides for uniform post-placement functions associated with agency adoptions and private adoptions (RE NO IMPACT See Note)
 HB97THOMPSONHIGHWAYS - Designates a portion of United States Highway 425 in the town of Mangham as the "Marshall Waters, Jr. Memorial Highway"
 HB102JENKINSHIGHWAYS - Designates a portion of Louisiana Highway 173 in Caddo Parish as the "Coach Carl Pierson Memorial Highway"
 HB108LARVADAINCIVIL/PROCEDURE - Provides with respect to in forma pauperis proceedings
 HB125MIKE JOHNSONCHILDREN/SUPPORT - Provides relative to the role of the Department of Children and Family Services as an indispensable party in certain domestic matters
 HB140MUSCARELLOCIVIL/PROCEDURE - Provides for the modernization of certain provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure
 HB159MALINDA WHITEDOMESTIC ABUSE - Provides for the definition of domestic abuse
 HB178BROWNHIGHWAYS - Redesignates a portion of Louisiana Highway 77 in the Village of Grosse Tete as the "Veterans Memorial Highway"
 HB217HILFERTYBANKS/BANKING - Provides relative to banks and banking
 HB298THOMASBANKS/BANKING - Provides relative to stockholders' meetings and use of remote communication
 HB307SCHAMERHORNNOTARIES - Provides relative to notary examination preparatory education and instruction reporting requirements

House Concurrent Resolutions 2nd Reading
 HCR25THOMPSONSPECIAL DAY/WEEK/MONTH - Designates April 2021 as Autism Acceptance Month in Louisiana
 HCR27CHARLES OWENCOMMENDATIONS - Commends Vernon Parish and its parish seat of Leesville on the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of their founding
 HCR29FREIBERGCOMMENDATIONS - Commends Holly Frederick Reynolds for her animal rights advocacy
 HCR30WHEATSPECIAL DAY/WEEK/MONTH - Recognizes April 2021 as West Nile Virus Awareness Month
 HCR32SCHEXNAYDERCONDOLENCES - Expresses condolences on the death of Charles Earl "Charlie" Martin
 HCR33THOMPSONCONDOLENCES - Expresses the condolences of the legislature on the death of Louisiana congressman-elect Luke Letlow
 HCR35ORGERONCOMMENDATIONS - Commends the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) on its fortieth anniversary

Senate Bills Reported by Committee
 SB1PEACOCKTAX/SALES - Phases in the dedication of the temporary state sales tax levy to the Transportation Trust Fund. (8/1/21) (EG -$378,000,000 GF RV See Note)
 SB6CATHEYTAX/SALES - Exempts purchases of utilities used by commercial farmers for on-farm storage from state sales and use tax. (gov sig) (EN DECREASE GF RV See Note)
 SB8PEACOCKTAX/TAXATION - Accelerates the sunset date for the tax credit for the conversion of alternative fuel vehicles. (7/1/21) (EN +$478,000 GF RV See Note)
 SB11TALBOTTAX EXEMPTIONS - Provides an individual and corporation income tax exemption for state and federal COVID-19 relief benefits. (gov sig) (EN DECREASE GF RV See Note)
 SB12BOUIECLERKS OF COURT - Creates a retired clerks and clerk's employees insurance fund for the Orleans Parish Clerk of Civil District Court. (8/1/21)
 SB15MILLIGANPROCUREMENT CODE - Provides relative to purchase of telecommunication and video equipment or services by state agencies. (8/1/21) (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 SB21ROBERT MILLSMUNICIPAL EMPLOYEE RET - Provides for the purchase of service and salary credit for members furloughed due to COVID-19. (2/3 - CA10s29(F)) (gov sig) (EN INCREASE APV)
 SB22PEACOCKRETIREMENT BENEFITS - Provides relative to retirement eligibility for certain members of state retirement systems and for disability retirement. (6/30/21) (EG DECREASE APV)
 SB23FESISTATE POLICE RETIREMENT - Provides certain enhanced survivor benefits and insurance coverage for the spouses and children of members killed in the line of duty. (2/3 - CA10s29(F)) (6/30/21) (EN INCREASE APV)
 SB46LAMBERTTAX/INCOME/PERSONAL - Increases the amount of compensation excluded from tax table income for certain active duty members of the armed forces. (gov sig) (EN -$3,800,000 GF RV See Note)
 SB52POPESHERIFFS - Provides for payment of certain group insurance costs by Livingston Parish sheriff. (8/1/21)
 SB57WOMACKCLERKS OF COURT - Provides for the functions of the jury commission in Franklin Parish. (8/1/21)
 SB75LAMBERTCAPITAL OUTLAY - Provides an exception for late approval of a capital outlay request for a state-owned and administered project submitted by a budget unit of the state, including public postsecondary education institutions. (gov sig) (2/3 - CA7s11(C)) (EG GF EX See Note)
 SB80CLOUDTAX/SALES - Reallocates a portion of the state sales tax on room rentals in St. Landry Parish to the Liberty Theatre in Eunice. (gov sig) (EN SEE FISC NOTE SD RV See Note)
 SB81LUNEAUREVENUE DEPARTMENT - Establishes reporting requirements to the Department of Revenue for businesses and governmental entities using service providers. (7/1/21) (EN NO IMPACT GF EX See Note)
 SB91PEACOCKSECURITIES - Authorizes transfer on death of certain securities. (1/1/22)
 SB96LAMBERTENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY - Provides for the waste tire program in the Department of Environmental Quality. (8/1/21) (EN SEE FISC NOTE LF EX See Note)
 SB111WOMACKPUBLIC WORKS - Provides for bids, claims, and payments involving public contracts. (8/1/21) (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 SB118MORRISWEAPONS - Provides relative to the concealed carrying of firearms. (8/1/21) (EN DECREASE SD RV See Note)
 SB125MORRISTAX/LOCAL - Exempts certain infused prescription drugs from local sales tax. (7/1/21) (EN DECREASE LF RV See Note)
 SB132BOUIEDNA - Provides relative to analysis of the DNA sample collected following an arrest for certain offenses. (gov sig)
 SB145WARDCOURTS - Provides relative to mandatory drug testing, screening, and assessment for drug and specialty court participation for certain offenders. (See Act) (EN SEE FISC NOTE SD EX See Note)
 SB154SMITHTAX/AD VALOREM - Constitutional amendment to provide for the adjustment of ad valorem millages. (2/3 - CA13s1(A))
 SB162HENRYFUNDS/FUNDING - Provides relative to the Major Events Incentive Program and the Major Events Incentive Program Subfund. (8/1/21) (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF RV See Note)
 SB163MCMATHCOURTS - Constitutional Amendment to increase the composition of the Louisiana Supreme Court from six to eight associate justices. (2/3 - CA13s1(A)) (RE1 INCREASE GF EX See Note)
 SB165SMITHTAX/AD VALOREM - Provides for the adjustments of ad valorem millages. (See Act)
 SB172WARDTAX EXEMPTIONS - Reinstates the state sales tax exemption on sales of construction materials to Habitat for Humanity affiliates and for construction of new animal shelters. (7/1/21) (EN DECREASE GF RV See Note)
 SB173HEWITTTAX/TAXATION - Provides relative to the administration of the Motion Picture Production Tax Credit. (gov sig) (RE SEE FISC NOTE GF RV See Note)
 SB182BODI WHITEPUBLIC CONTRACTS - Provides relative to public bid forms and specifications. (8/1/21) (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 SB192HENSGENSSANITARY CODE - Provides for connecting multiple recreational vehicles to an individual sewerage system in certain parishes. (gov sig)
 SB206CORTEZCLERKS OF COURT - Provides relative to group insurance expenses for certain clerks of court. (gov sig)
 SB213HEWITTGAMING - Provides for a referendum election in St. Tammany Parish relative to riverboat gaming. (gov sig) (EG SEE FISC NOTE RV See Note)

Special Order No. 1 for 04/20.
 SB159ALLAINTAX/TAXATION - Constitutional amendment to reduce the maximum rate of individual income tax and to provide for a federal income tax deduction as provided by law. (2/3 - CA13s1(A)) (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF RV See Note)

Special Order No. 2 for 04/20.
 SB160ALLAINREVENUE DEPARTMENT - Conforms state partnership reporting adjustments to federal taxable income to current federal partnership audit adjustments. (gov sig) (EN NO IMPACT GF RV See Note)

Special Order No. 3 for 04/20.
 SB157ALLAINTAX EXEMPTIONS - Exempts certain mobile workers from individual income tax and their employers from withholding tax. (gov sig) (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF RV See Note)

Special Order No. 4 for 04/20.
 SB161ALLAINTAX/FRANCHISE/CORPORATE - Extends the termination date of the exemption from corporate franchise tax for small business corporations. (See Act) (EN -$55,900,000 GF RV See Note)

Special Order No. 5 for 04/20.
 SB171ALLAINTAX EXEMPTIONS - Provides for severance tax exemptions and site-specific trust funds for certain orphan wells. (gov sig) (EN SEE FISC NOTE SD RV See Note)

Senate Bills 3rd Reading and Final Passage
 SB38FOILBEHAVIOR ANALYSTS - Provides relative to the terms of the members of the Louisiana Behavior Analyst Board. (8/1/21)
 SB53JIMMY HARRISCOURTS - Provides relative to the Orleans Parish Civil District Court judicial building fund. (gov sig)
 SB64BERNARDELECTION OFFENSES - Provides relative to acts prohibited during early voting or on election day. (gov sig)
 SB79WARDSPECIAL DISTRICTS - Provides relative to the governance of fire protection districts created by Pointe Coupee Parish. (gov sig)
 SB98LAMBERTCOMMERCIAL REGULATIONS - Provides relative to marine products. (8/1/21) (EN -$900 SG RV See Note)
 SB100REESEBANKS/BANKING - Provides liability protection for federally insured depository institutions and mutual associations that transfer money or property by relying on small succession affidavits. (gov sig)
 SB107BOUDREAUXCONTROL DANGER SUBSTANCE - Provides relative to the composition of the controlled dangerous substances schedules. (gov sig)
 SB116GREGORY TARVERWELFARE - Provides relative to employment, education, and related services for FITAP participants. (gov sig) (EN -$27,696 FF EX See Note)
 SB129FRED MILLSWATER QUALITY - Creates and provides for the Community Drinking Water Infrastructure Sustainability Act. (8/1/21) (EN SEE FISC NOTE LF RV See Note)
 SB168FRED MILLSCONTROL DANGER SUBSTANCE - Provides relative to controlled dangerous substances. (8/1/21)
 SB174LUNEAULOCAL AGENCIES - Provides relative to the membership of the Alexandria/Pineville Area Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors. (8/1/21)
 SB184HEWITTSPECIAL DISTRICTS - Provides for the appointment of members to the nominating committee for the board of commissioners of St. Tammany Parish Hospital Service District No. 2. (8/1/21)
 SB193MORRISCIVIL SERVICE - Provides relative to entrance firefighters and police officer classes. (8/1/21)
 SB197CATHEYASSESSORS - Provides for vehicle allowances for assessors. (gov sig) (EN INCREASE LF EX See Note)
 SB210FOILMOTOR VEHICLES - Provides relative to recreational vehicle warranties. (8/1/21) (EN SEE FISC NOTE SG RV See Note)
 SB223JOHNSUTILITIES - Provides relative to financing utility storm repairs and strengthening and stabilizing utilities. (gov sig) (EN NO IMPACT GF EX See Note)