House Committee on Judiciary
April 20, 2022
9:00 a.m.
Room 1


  BLUE = already considered.   RED = currently being considered.   BLACK = not yet considered.
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 HCR27MIKE JOHNSONVETERANS - Memorializes congress to reject recommendations and support the continued operation of the Alexandria Veterans Affairs Medical Center
 HCR66VILLIOSTATE SYMBOL - Provides for an official state steam locomotive
 HB5BACALACLERKS OF COURT - Provides relative to group insurance expenses for certain clerks of court
 HB110MARCELLECOURTS - Provides relative to the assignment of domestic violence matters in the Nineteenth Judicial District
 HB199LANDRYSHERIFFS - (Constitutional Amendment) Provides for term limits for sheriffs
 HB223MARCELLECOURTS - Provides relative to eligibility for the Reentry Court Specialty Program
 HB248WILLARDHOLIDAYS - Provides relative to legal holidays
 HB255HILFERTYCOURTS - Repeals the termination date of Act 110 of the 2020 R.S. of the Legislature of La. relative to the assessment, collection, and distribution of certain court costs and fees in the parish of Orleans
 HB258LANDRYJURY DUTY - Provides relative to the qualifications of jurors
 HB313PRESSLYCRIMINAL/VICTIMS - Provides relative to rights of victims of criminal offenses (EN DECREASE SG RV See Note)
 HB461JORDANCOURTS/MAYORS - Provides relative to mayors' courts
 HB489DAVISCOURTS/COURT COSTS - Provides relative to court costs in the Family Court of East Baton Rouge Parish (EN INCREASE LF RV See Note)
 HB523LACOMBEALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - Provides relative to private events at brewing facilities
 HB533CORMIERATTORNEY GENERAL - Provides relative to cases handled by the attorney general
 HB551ILLGALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - Provides relative to delivery of alcohol
 HB648HILFERTYCRIMINAL/VICTIMS - Provides relative to the Crime Victims Reparations Act (EN INCREASE SD EX See Note)
 HB653DAVISCOURTS/COURT COSTS - Provides relative to court costs in the Family Court of East Baton Rouge Parish (EGF INCREASE LF RV See Note)
 HB719SEABAUGHCOURTS - Provides for the salary of certain marshals
 HB743CORMIERCLERKS OF COURT - Requires clerks of court to be licensed to practice law in Louisiana
 HB902VILLIOSTATE SYMBOL - Provides for an official state steam locomotive
 HB994BACALACOURTS/CRIMINAL - Provides relative to reporting requirements for active felony cases in each judicial district



Any person who does not feel comfortable giving testimony in person may submit a prepared statement in accordance with House Rule 14:33 in lieu of appearing before the committee:

A. Any interested person or any committee member may file with the committee a prepared statement concerning a specific instrument or matter under consideration by the committee or concerning any matter within the committee's scope of authority, and the committee records shall reflect receipt of such statement and the date and time thereof.

B. Any person who files a prepared statement which contains data or statistical information shall include in such prepared statement sufficient information to identify the source of the data or statistical information. For the purposes of this Paragraph, the term "source" shall mean a publication, website, person, or other source from which the data or statistical information contained in the prepared statement was obtained by the person or persons who prepared the statement.

NOTE: Statements emailed to and received prior to noon on April 19, 2022, will be distributed to the committee members prior to the meeting.