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Questions About Bills

How do I get information on a bill?

On the menu bar at the top of most pages, select "Bills" and then select the appropriate legislative session.

Note that for simplicity, the terms Bill and Instrument may be used interchangeably on our site and both may apply to Resolutions as well.

You may then select one of the seven ways to retrieve information on a legislative instrument:

  1. by a specific instrument
  2. by the author
  3. by the committee to which an instrument has been referred
  4. by text in the instrument's summary
  5. by text in the instrument's full text
  6. by a comma-separated list of instruments( for example: HB10, HB15, SB5, SR3)
  7. by a range of instruments (for example: House Bills ranging from HB22 thru HB95)

If your search results in a single instrument, you will be directed to that instrument's details.
If your search results in multiple instruments, you can navigate the search results. Clicking on an instrument's identification or the "more" link, will give you more information on that instrument.

The Instrument Information page also has clickable icons which allow you to save a link to the page, or generate a printer friendly version of the page.


How do I view the text of a bill?

Various documents related to specific legislation are available on the Instrument Information page which you may access doing an Instrument Search.

When viewing the Instrument Information page, you will see links for one or more document categories:

  • Text
  • Amendments
  • Digests
  • Votes
  • Notes
  • Notice
  • Misc
  • Authors
  • Other

If your browser supports hovering, a list of documents will pop up when you hover over a document category. Click on the document that you want to view.

If your browser does not support hovering (like some tablets), you may click on the document category to access a full listing of documents for the instrument.

NOTE: Menu categories will only be available if there is one or more documents available in that category.

NOTE: Legislative documents are in PDF format, so you will need the ability to view PDF documents to access these documents.


How do I find a bill if I don't know its number?

If you don't know the specific number of a legislative instrument, you can use various search methods to find the item of interest. To learn how to conduct a bill search, click here.

When doing a full text or summary search, type a word (or group of words) that you think may appear in the legislation. When conducting the search, you can put quotes (") around the words if you are looking for a specific phrase, or you can use the terms AND, OR, or NOT to narrow your search.

You can also utilize the Subject Index to Bills which is updated daily during legislative sessions. You can get there selecting "Session Information" from the horizontal menu located near the top of most pages.

If available, the Subject Index to Bills will be one of the links listed on the page. You will need the ability to view PDF documents to utilize the Subject Index


How does a bill become law in Louisiana?

You can see a graphical view of the process by clicking here.


How do I find out what all of these abbreviations mean?

You may encounter abbreviations while using our site. To help you with these, there is an Abbreviations page, with the following sections: Bodies of Law, Committee Names, Legislative Instruments, State Departments and Agencies, and Miscellaneous.


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