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      CCP 2883     


Art. 2883.  Olographic testament

A.  The olographic testament must be proved by the testimony of two credible witnesses that the testament was entirely written, dated, and signed in the testator's handwriting.  The court must satisfy itself, through interrogation or from the written affidavits or the depositions of the witnesses, that the handwriting and signature are those of the testator, and except as provided in Article 2890, must mention these facts in its proces verbal.

B.  A person's testimony for the purpose of this Article may be given in the form of an affidavit executed after the death of the testator stating that the olographic will was entirely written, dated, and signed in the testator's handwriting, unless the court in its discretion requires the person to appear and testify orally.  All affidavits accepted by the court in lieu of oral testimony shall be filed in the probate proceedings.  This Paragraph does not apply to testimony with respect to the genuineness of a will that is judicially attacked.

Acts 1983, No. 594, §1.  Acts 1984, No. 393, §1; Acts 1999, No. 85, §1.

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