House Order of the Day
April 26, 2021
2:00 p.m.
House Chamber


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1. Roll Call

2. Prayer

3. Pledge of Allegiance

4. Reading of Journal

5. Petitions, Memorials, and Communications

6. Introduction of Resolutions
 HR36MCFARLANDCOMMENDATIONS - Commends the Greater Central Louisiana REALTORS Association on the occasion of its seventy-sixth anniversary
 HCR42STAGNIMEDICAID MANAGED CARE - Requests the La. Department of Health to authorize coverage through the Medicaid managed care program for services delivered by chiropractic physicians

7. Introduction of Bills

8. Senate Bills on First Reading

9. Reports of Committees

13. Senate Bills on Second Reading to be Referred to Committee
 SB11TALBOTTAX EXEMPTIONS - Provides an individual and corporation income tax exemption for state and federal COVID-19 relief benefits. (gov sig) (EN DECREASE GF RV See Note)
 SB23FESISTATE POLICE RETIREMENT - Provides certain enhanced survivor benefits and insurance coverage for the spouses and children of members killed in the line of duty. (2/3 - CA10s29(F)) (6/30/21) (EN INCREASE APV)

14. House and House Concurrent Resolutions Reported by Committee
 HR9ZERINGUEHOUSE/RULES - Provides for recommittal of any instrument with a specified fiscal impact to the Committee on Appropriations
 HCR11HUGHESSTUDENTS - Requests the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to develop a plan for providing school literacy coaches for students in kindergarten through second grade in elementary schools identified as needing improvement
 HCR15HUGHESJUVENILES - Requests the Juvenile Justice Reform Act Implementation Commission to study local education agency budgets

16. House Bills on Second Reading Reported by Committee
 HB23CHARLES OWENCRIME - Repeals crimes relative to defamation
 HB27GREGORY MILLERBOARDS/COMMISSIONS - Repeals certain adjudication, reporting, and notice requirements applicable to certain licensing boards and commissions
 HB32SELDERSCRIMINAL/SENTENCING - Increases the total number of credits that may be earned by an offender upon earning a bachelor's degree or master's degree (EN DECREASE GF EX See Note)
 HB42DAVISHIGHER EDUCATION - Provides relative to financial aid (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB46JAMESCRIMINAL/JUSTICE - Provides relative to certain pretrial procedures
 HB54EDMONDSCRIME - Creates the crime of adoption deception (EN INCREASE GF EX See Note)
 HB60BRASSCURRICULA - Removes the termination of the Dual Enrollment Framework Task Force (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB65ECHOLSINSURANCE - Provides relative to mandatory audits of title insurance producers by title insurers
 HB74FRIEMANINSURERS - Provides relative to the workers' compensation claims office requirement for insurers issuing such policies in Louisiana
 HB84MARCELLEJURY DUTY - Provides relative to qualification of jurors
 HB85MCKNIGHTSTUDENTS - Creates a literacy program for certain public school students (EN INCREASE GF EX See Note)
 HB119HUGHESHIGHER ED/BD REGENTS - Provides relative to the Advisory Council on Historically Black Colleges and Universities
 HB137DUPLESSISGAMING/CASINO - Provides relative to non-gaming economic development activities by the casino gaming operator (EN DECREASE GF RV See Note)
 HB138FARNUMVOTING/REGISTRATION - Provides for a supplemental annual canvass of registered voters (EN +$215,125 GF EX See Note)
 HB139GADBERRYELECTION CODE - Requires specified members of the parish board of election supervisors to complete annual training relative to the preparation for and conduct of elections (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB141STAGNIELECTIONS - Requires persons conducting exit polls within six hundred feet of a polling place to register with the secretary of state
 HB145BRYANTPARDON/PAROLE - Provides relative to parole (EN DECREASE GF EX See Note)
 HB167MIKE JOHNSONVOTING/REGISTRATION - Provides for removal of deceased persons from voter registration rolls (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB179FIRMENTINSURANCE - Provides relative to the requirements for officers and directors of domestic regulated entities
 HB182VILLIOINSURERS - Provides relative to annual meetings of domestic insurance companies
 HB214CORMIERREGISTRARS OF VOTERS - Provides relative to required orientation and training of new registrars of voters (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB223WILLARDANIMALS/CRUELTY - Provides relative to proper shelter for a dog
 HB227WHEATCRIMINAL/PROCEDURE - Provides relative to subpoena duces tecum when investigating sex offenses involving human trafficking
 HB231MARCELLEANIMALS - Provides relative to the disposition of dogs used in dogfighting
 HB234CARPENTERCRIMINAL/JUSTICE - Provides relative to the Louisiana Sexual Assault Oversight Commission
 HB236EMERSONINSURERS/GUARANTY ASSNS - Provides relative to Louisiana Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Law
 HB248JAMESCORRECTIONS - Decreases probation and parole fees for certain offenders (EN DECREASE SG RV See Note)
 HB251JONESCRIMINAL/PROCEDURE - Provides relative to time limitations for instituting prosecution for crimes with victims with infirmities
 HB253MCKNIGHTSCHOOLS - Provides relative to the governance and funding of the Special School District, which provides special education services through its schools and programs (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB260GREGORY MILLERLEGISLATION - Provides for technical corrections and revision of provisions of Title 36 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes
 HB271MARCELLECORRECTIONS - Provides for a Transitional Residential Pilot Program for female offenders (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB281EDMONSTONINSURANCE CLAIMS-ADJUSTR - Provides relative to continuing education for insurance claims adjusters
 HB283HOLLISINSURANCE/AUTOMOBILE - Repeals reporting requirements related to commercial motor vehicle policies
 HB303LYONSBAIL - Provides relative to constructive surrender and non-warrant surrender
 HB325LARVADAINCRIMINAL/PROCEDURE - Provides with respect to the procedure of arrest of persons with minor or dependent children (EN +$56,000 GF EX See Note)
 HB329LANCE HARRISVOTERS/VOTING - Changes age of a child who may accompany a parent or legal guardian into a voting machine
 HB330LANCE HARRISELECTIONS/COMMISSIONERS - Increases the number of commissioners for the presidential preference primary election (EN +$1,449,000 GF EX See Note)
 HB373BISHOPPUBLIC RECORDS - Establishes an exception to public records requirements for certain information by the secretary of state
 HB387GREENINSURERS - Provides relative to network leasing by dental insurers (EN SEE FISC NOTE SG RV See Note)
 HB388LANCE HARRISELECTIONS - Provides relative to the preparation and verification process of absentee and early voting ballots prior to election day (EN +$129,600 GF EX See Note)
 HB394RISERHIGHER EDUCATION - Requires postsecondary education institutions to post reports relative to campus security policies and campus crime statistics on their websites (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB406BISHOPCRIMINAL/PROCEDURE - Provides relative to the presence of the defendant in misdemeanor prosecutions
 HB409FREEMANHIGHER EDUCATION - Provides relative to campus safety and accountability (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB435ROMEROGAMBLING/VIDEO POKER - Provides relative to video draw poker devices
 HB436FREIBERGINSURANCE/LIFE - Repeals requirements for the Department of Insurance to maintain a central database for contact information on life insurance policies in force in the state
 HB462HUVALINSURANCE/SURPLUS LINE - Provides relative to the tax on surplus lines and unauthorized insurance (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF RV See Note)
 HB541ILLGGAMING - Provides relative to the central computer monitoring system of electronic gaming devices located at certain gaming facilities (EN -$249,286 SD RV See Note)
 HB576FRIEMANINSURANCE - Provides relative to reserves for insurers
 HB581MIKE JOHNSONELECTION CODE - Makes revisions to the Louisiana Election Code (EN SEE FISC NOTE See Note)
 HB595DUSTIN MILLERINSURANCE CLAIMS - Provides for the payment of health insurance claims prior to the credentialing of a healthcare provider
 HB697STEFANSKIGAMING - Provides for sports wagering (EN INCREASE SD RV See Note)


5. House Bills on Third Reading and Final Passage

Scheduled for floor debate on 4/26/2021
 HB147HORTONMOTOR VEHICLES - Provides relative to charges collected by public license tag agents (EN GF EX See Note)
 HB221PIERREMTR VEHICLE/COMMERCIAL - Provides relative to certain commercial driver's license applicants (EN SEE FISC NOTE GF EX See Note)
 HB295SEABAUGHPROPERTY/IMMOVABLE - Provides relative to immovable property in successions
 HB350FARNUMMTR VEHICLE/OFFICE - Provides relative to office of motor vehicle fees for Calcasieu Parish
 HB376IVEYTAX/INCOME TAX - Provides for a flat tax rate for purposes of calculating income tax for individuals, estates, and trusts and modifies income tax credits and deductions (EG +$6,900,000 GF RV See Note)
 HB464IVEYTAX/AD VALOREM-EXEMPTION - Provides for ad valorem tax exemptions for certain capital investment projects (RE SEE FISC NOTE LF RV See Note)
 HB517THOMASLIABILITY/CIVIL - Provides for the limitation of civil liability for agents, contractors, and representatives of proprietors
 HB521SEABAUGHPROPERTY - Provides relative to partitions of property
 HB550MUSCARELLOMOTOR VEHICLES - Provides relative to duplicate driver's licenses and identification cards (EN SEE FISC NOTE See Note)
 HB593TRAVIS JOHNSONMOTOR VEHICLES - Provides relative to passing a parked emergency vehicle
 HB629IVEYTAX - Provides relative to individual income tax, corporation income tax, corporation franchise tax, and ad valorem tax
 HB638HILFERTYMTR VEHICLE/DRIVER LIC - Provides relative to certain motor vehicle transactions (EN DECREASE SG RV See Note)
 HB689JORDANCREDIT/UNIONS - Provides relative to credit unions


5. House Bills on Third Reading and Final Passage

Scheduled for floor debate on 4/26/2021
 HB292RISERTAX/CORP INCOME - Reduces corporate income tax rates and brackets and repeals the income tax deduction for federal income taxes paid for purposes of calculating corporate income tax (EN +$29,200,000 GF RV See Note)
 HB293RISERTAX/CORP INCOME - Provides for the rate of corporation income tax (RE -$56,000,000 GF RV See Note)
 HB55FREEMANDOMESTIC ABUSE - Provides relative to protective orders
 HB171ZERINGUETAX/INCOME TAX - Changes the rates and brackets for purposes of calculating individual income tax liability and eliminates certain deductions and credits (EG +$+30,200,000 GF RV See Note)
 HB278BISHOPTAX/INCOME TAX - Reduces the tax rates for purposes of calculating individual income tax liability and calculating the tax liability of estates and trusts and eliminates and modifies certain income tax deductions (EN -$600,000 GF RV See Note)
 HB188BEAULLIEUHEALTH CARE/RECORDS - Provides with respect to healthcare records
 HB385BEAULLIEUHOUSING/MANUFACTURED - Provides for the removal of abandoned manufactured housing units
 HB400COUSSANPROPERTY - Provides relative to the partition of property

Scheduled for floor debate on 4/27/2021
 HB502STEFANSKIMOTOR VEHICLES - Provides relative to dealer warranty compensation


Regular Order

5. House Bills on Third Reading and Final Passage
 HB277BISHOPCAPITAL OUTLAY - Restricts the allocation of cash line of credit capacity for certain projects and provides for the recommendation of projects for lines of credit (EG GF EX See Note)
 HB302BISHOPCAPITAL OUTLAY - Provides relative to capital outlay (EG NO IMPACT GF EX See Note)
 HB327VILLIOCOSMETOLOGY - Provides relative to advanced esthetics
 HB437GADBERRYBUILDING CODES - Provides relative to enforcement of the state uniform construction code
 HB475NELSONTAX/INCOME TAX - Phases-out the taxes levied on the income of individuals and estates and trusts and reduces the amount of exemptions, deductions, and credits that may be claimed to reduce income tax liability (EG DECREASE GF RV See Note)
 HB612NELSONTAX - Provides relative state and local taxes (EG INCREASE GF RV See Note)