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Constitutional Amendments
and Joint Resolutions
Vetoed Bills
Constitutional Amendments / Joint Resolutions
of the 2023 Regular Session

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Instrument  Author         Status         Considered
HB46 HUGHES Pending House Ways and Means more...
    TAX EXEMPTIONS/NONPROFIT:  (Constitutional Amendment) Restricts eligibility of nonprofit organizations for property tax exemptions for residential property found to endanger public health or safety
HB47 NELSON Pending House Appropriations more...
    APPROPRIATIONS:  (Constitutional Amendment) To require the legislature to appropriate no less than twenty-five percent of nonrecurring state revenues for application to certain state retirement system unfunded accrued liability
HB97 BAGLEY Pending House Appropriations more...
    SUPPLEMENTAL PAY:  (Constitutional Amendment) Requires state supplemental pay for public emergency medical services practitioners
HB99 ORGERON Pending House Appropriations more...
    COASTAL RESOURCES:  (Constitutional Amendment) Provides relative to the disposition of funds derived from alternative energy production in the coastal area
HB152 AMEDEE Pending House Civil Law and Procedure more...
    FAMILY LAW:  (Constitutional Amendment) Provides relative to fundamental parental rights
HB153 DEVILLIER Pending House Ways and Means more...
    TAX/AD VALOREM-EXEMPTION:  (Constitutional Amendment) Phases-in, over a four year period, a property tax exemption for items constituting business inventory
HB165 LANDRY Pending House and Governmental Affairs more...
    ELECTIONS/INITIATIVE-REF:  (Constitutional Amendment) Provides for an initiative and referendum process
HB203 DEVILLIER Pending House Ways and Means more...
    TAX/SALES-USE-EXEMPT:  (Constitutional Amendment) Provides relative to state sales and use tax exemptions for food for home consumption, residential utilities, and prescription drugs
SB2 ALLAIN Pending Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs more...
    TAX EXEMPTIONS:  Constitutional amendment to phase out the tax on inventory and establish the maximum allowable exemption for the industrial property tax exemption program. (2/3 - CA13s1(A))
SB48 MORRIS Pending Senate Judiciary C more...
    CRIMINAL PROCEDURE:  Constitutional amendment to eliminate a judge's discretion to grant bail for certain offenses after conviction. (2/3 - CA8s1)
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