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Amendments to the LA Constitution of 1974
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House Rules
HRULE 1.1 Use of the Chamber
HRULE 1.2 Admission to the floor and chamber and House facilities
HRULE 1.3 Telephones and pagers
HRULE 1.4 Authorization to sit at a member's desk in the House Chamber
HRULE 1.5 Access revocation; lobbying
HRULE 2.1 Officers
HRULE 2.2 Organization meeting of the House
HRULE 2.3 Speaker; election
HRULE 2.4 Speaker; removal
HRULE 2.5 Speaker; duties
HRULE 2.6 Acting Speaker
HRULE 2.7 Speaker Pro Tempore; election
HRULE 2.8 Speaker Pro Tempore; duties
HRULE 2.9 Clerk of the House; election
HRULE 2.10 Clerk of the House; duties
HRULE 2.11 Sergeant at Arms; appointment
HRULE 2.12 Sergeant at Arms; duties
HRULE 3.1 Employees
HRULE 3.2 Assistant Clerk
HRULE 3.3 Pages
HRULE 3.4 House employees; lobbying
HRULE 3.5 House Legislative Services; executive director
HRULE 4.1 Absence
HRULE 4.2 Presence recorded
HRULE 4.3 Quorum
HRULE 4.4 Quorum necessary to transact business
HRULE 4.5 Quorum call; record vote
HRULE 4.6 Compelling attendance of absent members
HRULE 4.7 Members; interim compensation
HRULE 4.8 Required financial reports; contempt; penalties
HRULE 4.9 Memorial Day Commemoration; delegation
HRULE 4.10 Chairmen; interim meetings; legislative continuance or extension; notice to the Speaker
HRULE 5.1 Decorous language
HRULE 5.2 Violation of rules
HRULE 5.3 Clearing the Chamber
HRULE 5.4 Recognition to address the House
HRULE 5.5 Recognition when voting machine out of order
HRULE 5.6 Points of order and information
HRULE 5.7 Limits on debate
HRULE 5.8 Attire for members
HRULE 5.9 Tobacco products
HRULE 6.1 Standing Committees; select committees
HRULE 6.2 Chairman and Vice Chairman
HRULE 6.3 Membership of standing committees
HRULE 6.4 Committee on Appropriations; subcommittees
HRULE 6.5 Referral to standing committees
HRULE 6.6 Standing committee jurisdiction
HRULE 6.7 Regular committee meetings
HRULE 6.8 Recommittal: Constitutional amendments; special elections; propositions; study resolutions; Capital Outlay Bill; minimum foundation resolution; legislative instruments creating special funds; legislative instruments with a fiscal impact; public records exceptions; interstate compacts
HRULE 6.9 Committee hearing; reporting legislative instruments; vote required
HRULE 6.10 Hearing on Legislation; Mandatory on Author's Request; Rescheduling Deferred Legislation
HRULE 6.11 Committee report; session; interim
HRULE 6.12 Report by substitute
HRULE 6.13 Directing committee to report; discharging committee
HRULE 6.14 Conference committees; membership; appointment
HRULE 6.15 Committee on Enrollment
HRULE 6.16 Committee on Enrollment; reports in order
HRULE 6.17 Committee on Enrollment; reports; entry in Journal
HRULE 6.18 Committee of the Whole
HRULE 6.19 Procedure in the Committee of the Whole
HRULE 6.20 Chairman of the Committee of the Whole
HRULE 6.21 Bill read by clauses
HRULE 6.22 Journal of the Committee of the Whole; record votes
HRULE 6.23 Committee of the Whole; report upon rising
HRULE 6.24 Action on measure reported by the Committee of the Whole
HRULE 6.25 General Appropriation Bill to be considered in Committee of the Whole
HRULE 6.26 House Executive Committee
HRULE 7.1 Legislative instrument defined
HRULE 7.2 Prefiling
HRULE 7.3 Numbering of instruments; numbering of the General Appropriation Bill, the Capital Outlay Bill, and the Omnibus Bond Bill
HRULE 7.4 Resolutions; titles
HRULE 7.5 Title only bills
HRULE 7.6 Legislative instruments; preparation by staff; introduction copies; printing
HRULE 7.7 Endorsement of instruments
HRULE 7.8 Engrossment to include all amendments
HRULE 7.9 Engrossment, copies; digest; form and content of the General Appropriation Bill
HRULE 7.10 Reengrossment
HRULE 7.11 Voting on conference committee reports; digests
HRULE 7.12 Enrollment
HRULE 7.13 Signature of Speaker
HRULE 7.14 Presentation to President of the Senate
HRULE 7.15 Presentation to the Governor
HRULE 7.16 Fiscal notes; requirement; capital outlay appropriations, amendments
HRULE 7.17 Actuarial notes
HRULE 7.18 Required fiscal data for licensing fee legislation
HRULE 7.19 Appropriation bills; one-time money or federal disaster funds for recurring expenses; vote requirement
HRULE 8.1 Morning Hour
HRULE 8.2 Regular Order of the Day
HRULE 8.3 Priority of Business
HRULE 8.4 Special Order
HRULE 8.5 Precedence of Special Orders
HRULE 8.6 Order of Business, vote required to change; Special Order, vote required to establish
HRULE 8.7 Presentation of documents
HRULE 8.8 Order of consideration of legislative instruments
HRULE 8.8.1 Calendar; passing over certain instruments; "Berthelot Rule"
HRULE 8.9 Three readings of bills required
HRULE 8.10 Bills; First Reading
HRULE 8.11 Resolutions; introduction and referral; suspension of laws; vote requirement
HRULE 8.12 Commitment or amendment; two prior readings required
HRULE 8.13 Commitment or amendment on Second Reading
HRULE 8.14 Committee report required
HRULE 8.15 Consideration of the General Appropriation Bill
HRULE 8.16 Passage to Third Reading
HRULE 8.17 Bills engrossed; passed to Third Reading
HRULE 8.18 Legislative instruments which have been recommitted
HRULE 8.19 Legislative Bureau
HRULE 8.20 Returning to and calling from the calendar
HRULE 8.21 Repealed
HRULE 8.22 Vetoed bills; reconsideration
HRULE 8.23 Conference committee reports; consideration
HRULE 8.24 Repealed by HR 6, 2013 R.S., eff. May 30, 2013.
HRULE 8.25 Repealed by HR 6, 2013 R.S., eff. May 30, 2013.
HRULE 8.26 Renumbered pursuant to HR 6, 2013 R.S., eff. May 30, 2013.
HRULE 8.27 Renumbered pursuant to HR 6, 2013 R.S., eff. May 30, 2013.
HRULE 8.28 Renumbered pursuant to HR 6, 2013 R.S., eff. May 30, 2013.
HRULE 9.1 Statement of motion
HRULE 9.2 Possession of the House
HRULE 9.3 Division of the question
HRULE 9.4 Substitute motions
HRULE 9.5 Precedence of motions
HRULE 9.6 Motion to adjourn
HRULE 9.7 Motion to adjourn or recess; effect of
HRULE 9.8 Motion to lay on table
HRULE 9.9 Motion to call from the table; vote necessary to adopt
HRULE 9.10 Previous question and previous question on the entire subject matter
HRULE 9.11 Reconsideration
HRULE 9.12 Appeals of rulings of the Chair
HRULE 9.13 Motion to end consideration of amendments
HRULE 9.14 Motions table
HRULE 10.1 Members required to vote; explanation of vote
HRULE 10.2 Speaker's vote
HRULE 10.3 Voting for members; prohibition; locking voting machines
HRULE 10.4 Putting the question
HRULE 10.5 Voting machine out of order
HRULE 10.6 Tie vote
HRULE 10.7 Must be present in Chamber to vote
HRULE 10.8 Change of vote
HRULE 10.9 Record Vote
HRULE 10.10 Voting display
HRULE 11.1 Germane to subject
HRULE 11.2 Amendments in order
HRULE 11.3 Order of consideration
HRULE 11.4 Floor amendments; public information; copies
HRULE 11.5 Proposing same amendment
HRULE 11.6 Appropriations bills; required information
HRULE 12.1 Journal; proceedings entered
HRULE 12.2 Journal; votes entered
HRULE 12.3 Journal; legislative instrument entered
HRULE 12.4 Journal; documents entered
HRULE 12.5 Journal read daily
HRULE 12.6 House Calendar; publication
HRULE 12.7 Interim Calendar
HRULE 12.8 Internet broadcast of proceedings; records; maintenance; applicability
HRULE 13.1 Action on standing rules
HRULE 13.2 Suspension of rules; return to rules; vote required
HRULE 13.3 Mason's Manual of Legislative Procedure
HRULE 14.1 Committee Rules
HRULE 14.2 Committee Chairmen; duties
HRULE 14.3 Vice Chairman; Duties
HRULE 14.4 Acting Chairman
HRULE 14.5 Chairman; Vacancy
HRULE 14.6 Committee Members; Rights and Privileges
HRULE 14.7 Amendments; Members to Offer
HRULE 14.8 Members; Duty to Attend Meetings; Attendance Record; Removal of Members; Excessive Absences
HRULE 14.9 Conflict of Interest; Recusal of Members
HRULE 14.10 Meeting while House is in session
HRULE 14.11 Executive sessions
HRULE 14.12 Consideration of instruments
HRULE 14.13 Introduction of Legislation by Committees
HRULE 14.14 Misconduct; Report of
HRULE 14.15 Calling Meetings; Committee Authority
HRULE 14.16 Standing committees; authority for meeting between sessions; authority for forming joint committees or for meeting jointly with Senate committees; procedure
HRULE 14.17 Standing committees; interim; special appointments
HRULE 14.18 Organizational Meeting; Calling; Notice; Purpose
HRULE 14.19 Presession Hearings of Instruments
HRULE 14.20 Committee Meeting Schedule; Session, Interim Conflicts
HRULE 14.21 Changes in Fixed Schedule
HRULE 14.22 Meeting Rooms; Assignment of
HRULE 14.23 Weekly Committee Schedule
HRULE 14.24 Notice; Session Meetings; Interim Meetings
HRULE 14.25 Notice; Contents
HRULE 14.26 Meeting List
HRULE 14.27 Notice of Change from Regular Schedule; Change from Time and Place in Notice
HRULE 14.28 Meeting; Prohibition unless Notice Requirements met
HRULE 14.29 Meetings; Cancellation, Notice of
HRULE 14.30 Agenda; Committee rules
HRULE 14.31 Roll Call
HRULE 14.32 Hearings; Persons to be Heard; Sworn Statement
HRULE 14.33 Filing of prepared statements
HRULE 14.34 Copies of Instruments Required Prior to Consideration
HRULE 14.35 Second to Motion Not Required
HRULE 14.36 Quorum Defined
HRULE 14.37 Quorum; Members Appointed Pursuant to Rule 14.17
HRULE 14.38 Quorum Required to Transact Business
HRULE 14.39 Absence of Quorum; Authority of Members Present
HRULE 14.40 Vote Required for Committee Action; Members Disqualified or Recused
HRULE 14.41 Voting; Members Appointed Pursuant to Rule 14.17
HRULE 14.42 Proxy Voting Prohibited
HRULE 14.43 Roll Call; Record Votes Required
HRULE 14.44 Committee Chairman; vote
HRULE 14.45 Report of Interim Study Required
HRULE 14.46 Reports of Committees; Chairman to Sign
HRULE 14.47 Minutes of meetings required; contents
HRULE 14.48 Permanent Committee Records; Disposition
HRULE 14.49 Joint Committees, Subcommittees; Establishment; Rules Applicable
HRULE 14.50 Subcommittees; Officers, Studies, Reports, Subcommittees of
HRULE 14.51 Standing committees; subpoena power, punishment for contempt
HRULE 14.52 Committees; authority with respect to funds from other than state sources
HRULE 14.53 Employees
HRULE 15.1 Applicability
HRULE 15.2 Select Committee on Discipline and Expulsion
HRULE 15.3 Sergeant at Arms; duties
HRULE 15.4 Meetings; notice; quorum; vote; oath
HRULE 15.5 Employees
HRULE 15.6 Records
HRULE 15.7 Initiation of action; House Resolution required
HRULE 15.8 Procedure in the House of Representatives
HRULE 15.9 Procedure in committee
HRULE 15.10 When meetings may be held; report privileged; House action
HRULE 15.11 Witnesses; subpoena power; punishment for contempt
HRULE 15.12 Receipt of resignation; authority of presiding officer
HRULE CUSTOM, USAGE Part II. Custom, Usage, and Practice in the Louisiana House of Representatives

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