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Amendments to the LA Constitution of 1974
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Revised Statutes - Title 14
RS 14:2 Definitions
RS 14:3 Interpretation
RS 14:4 Conduct made criminal under several articles; how prosecuted
RS 14:5 Lesser and included offenses
RS 14:6 Civil remedies not affected
RS 14:7 Crime defined
RS 14:8 Criminal conduct
RS 14:9 Criminal consequences
RS 14:10 Criminal intent
RS 14:11 Criminal intent; how expressed
RS 14:12 Criminal negligence
RS 14:13 Infancy
RS 14:14 Insanity
RS 14:15 Intoxication
RS 14:16 Mistake of fact
RS 14:17 Mistake of law
RS 14:18 Justification; general provisions
RS 14:19 Use of force or violence in defense
RS 14:20 Justifiable homicide
RS 14:20.1 Investigation of death due to violence or suspicious circumstances when claim of self-defense is raised
RS 14:21 Aggressor cannot claim self defense
RS 14:22 Defense of others
RS 14:23 Parties classified
RS 14:24 Principals
RS 14:25 Accessories after the fact
RS 14:26 Criminal conspiracy
RS 14:27 Attempt; penalties; attempt on peace officer; enhanced penalties
RS 14:28 Inciting a felony
RS 14:28.1 Solicitation for murder
RS 14:29 Homicide
RS 14:30 First degree murder
RS 14:30.1 Second degree murder
RS 14:31 Manslaughter
RS 14:32 Negligent homicide
RS 14:32.1 Vehicular homicide
RS 14:32.6 First degree feticide
RS 14:32.7 Second degree feticide
RS 14:32.8 Third degree feticide
RS 14:32.9 Redesignated as R.S. 14:87.10 by Acts 2022, No. 545, §6A.
RS 14:32.9.1 Redesignated as R.S. 14:87.11 by Acts 2022, No. 545, §6A.
RS 14:32.10 Repealed by Acts 2022, No. 545, §4.
RS 14:32.11 Redesignated as R.S. 14:87.12 by Acts 2022, No. 545, §6A.
RS 14:32.12 SUICIDE
RS 14:33 Battery defined
RS 14:34 Aggravated battery
RS 14:34.1 Second degree battery
RS 14:34.2 Battery of a police officer
RS 14:34.3 Battery of a school teacher
RS 14:34.4 Battery of a school or recreation athletic contest official
RS 14:34.5 Battery of a correctional facility employee
RS 14:34.5.1 Battery of a bus operator
RS 14:34.6 Disarming of a peace officer
RS 14:34.7 Aggravated second degree battery
RS 14:34.8 Battery of emergency room personnel, emergency services personnel, or a healthcare professional
RS 14:34.9 Battery of a dating partner
RS 14:34.9.1 Aggravated assault upon a dating partner
RS 14:35 Simple battery
RS 14:35.1 Battery of a child welfare or adult protective service worker
RS 14:35.2 Simple battery of persons with infirmities
RS 14:35.3 Domestic abuse battery
RS 14:36 Assault defined
RS 14:37 Aggravated assault
RS 14:37.1 Assault by drive-by shooting
RS 14:37.2 Aggravated assault upon a peace officer
RS 14:37.3 Unlawful use of a laser on a police officer
RS 14:37.4 Aggravated assault with a firearm
RS 14:37.5 Aggravated assault upon a utility service employee with a firearm
RS 14:37.6 Aggravated assault with a motor vehicle upon a peace officer
RS 14:37.7 Domestic abuse aggravated assault
RS 14:38 Simple assault
RS 14:38.1 Mingling harmful substances
RS 14:38.1.1 Adulterating a food product
RS 14:38.2 Assault on a school teacher
RS 14:38.3 Assault on a child welfare worker
RS 14:38.4 Harassment of a school or recreation athletic contest official
RS 14:38.5 Assault on emergency room personnel, emergency services personnel, or a healthcare professional
RS 14:39 Negligent injuring
RS 14:39.1 Vehicular negligent injuring
RS 14:39.2 First degree vehicular negligent injuring
RS 14:40 Intimidation by officers
RS 14:40.1 Terrorizing; menacing
RS 14:40.2 Stalking
RS 14:40.3 Cyberstalking
RS 14:40.4 Burning cross on property of another or public place; intent to intimidate
RS 14:40.5 Public display of a noose on property of another or public place; intent to intimidate
RS 14:40.6 Unlawful disruption of the operation of a school; penalties
RS 14:40.7 Cyberbullying
RS 14:40.8 Criminal hazing
RS 14:40.9 Unlawful disruption of the operation of a healthcare facility
RS 14:41 Rape; defined
RS 14:41.1 Consent; victim in police custody
RS 14:42 First degree rape
RS 14:42.1 Second degree rape
RS 14:43 Third degree rape
RS 14:43.1 Sexual battery
RS 14:43.1.1 Misdemeanor sexual battery
RS 14:43.2 Second degree sexual battery
RS 14:43.3 Oral sexual battery
RS 14:43.4 Female genital mutilation
RS 14:43.5 Intentional exposure to HIV
RS 14:43.6 Administration of medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) to certain sex offenders
RS 14:44 Aggravated kidnapping
RS 14:44.1 Second degree kidnapping
RS 14:44.2 Aggravated kidnapping of a child
RS 14:45 Simple kidnapping
RS 14:45.1 Interference with the custody of a child
RS 14:46 False imprisonment
RS 14:46.1 False imprisonment; offender armed with dangerous weapon
RS 14:46.2 Human trafficking
RS 14:46.3 Trafficking of children for sexual purposes
RS 14:46.4 Re-homing of a child
RS 14:47 Repealed
RS 14:48 Repealed
RS 14:49 Repealed
RS 14:50 Repealed
RS 14:50.1 Repealed by Acts 2008, No. 220, §13, eff. June 14, 2008.
RS 14:50.2 Perpetration or attempted perpetration of certain crimes of violence against a victim sixty-five years of age or older
RS 14:51 Aggravated arson
RS 14:51.1 Injury by arson
RS 14:52 Simple arson
RS 14:52.1 Simple arson of a religious building
RS 14:52.2 Negligent arson
RS 14:53 Arson with intent to defraud
RS 14:54 Repealed by Acts 2008, No. 220, §13, eff. June 14, 2008.
RS 14:54.1 Communicating of false information of planned arson
RS 14:54.2 Manufacture and possession of delayed action incendiary devices; penalty
RS 14:54.3 Manufacture and possession of a bomb
RS 14:54.4 Forfeitures
RS 14:54.5 Fake explosive device
RS 14:54.6 Communicating of false information of planned bombing on school property, at a school-sponsored function, or in a firearm-free zone
RS 14:55 Aggravated criminal damage to property
RS 14:56 Simple criminal damage to property
RS 14:56.1 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:56.2 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:56.3 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:56.4 Criminal damage to property by defacing with graffiti
RS 14:56.5 Criminal damage to historic buildings or landmarks by defacing with graffiti
RS 14:57 Damage to property with intent to defraud
RS 14:58 Contaminating water supplies
RS 14:59 Criminal mischief
RS 14:60 Aggravated burglary
RS 14:61 Unauthorized entry of a critical infrastructure
RS 14:61.1 Criminal damage to a critical infrastructure
RS 14:62 Simple burglary
RS 14:62.1 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:62.2 Simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling
RS 14:62.3 Unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling
RS 14:62.4 Unauthorized entry of a place of business
RS 14:62.5 Looting
RS 14:62.6 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:62.7 Unauthorized entry of a dwelling during an emergency or disaster
RS 14:62.8 Home invasion
RS 14:62.9 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:63 Criminal trespass
RS 14:63.1 Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 802, §2.
RS 14:63.2 Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 802, §2.
RS 14:63.3 Entry on or remaining in places or on land after being forbidden
RS 14:63.4 Aiding and abetting others to enter or remain on premises where forbidden
RS 14:63.5 Entry or remaining on site of a school or recreation athletic contest after being forbidden
RS 14:63.6 Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 802, §2.
RS 14:63.7 Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 802, §2.
RS 14:63.8 Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 802, §2.
RS 14:63.9 Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 802, §2.
RS 14:63.10 Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 802, §2.
RS 14:63.11 Repealed by Acts 1981, No. 78, 3, eff. Jan. 1, 1982.
RS 14:63.12 Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 802, §2.
RS 14:64 Armed robbery
RS 14:64.1 First degree robbery
RS 14:64.2 Carjacking
RS 14:64.2.1 Carjacking; recruitment of juveniles
RS 14:64.3 Armed robbery; attempted armed robbery; use of firearm; additional penalty
RS 14:64.4 Second degree robbery
RS 14:65 Simple robbery
RS 14:65.1 Purse snatching
RS 14:66 Extortion
RS 14:67 Theft
RS 14:67.1 Theft of livestock
RS 14:67.2 Theft of timber
RS 14:67.3 False statements and false or altered documents; unclaimed property claim
RS 14:67.4 Anti-Skimming Act
RS 14:67.5 Adoption deception
RS 14:67.6 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:67.7 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:67.8 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:67.9 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:67.10 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:67.11 Credit card fraud by persons authorized to provide goods and services
RS 14:67.12 Theft of a catalytic converter or engine control module
RS 14:67.13 Theft or criminal access of an automated teller machine
RS 14:67.14 Repealed by Acts 2014, No. 255, §3.
RS 14:67.15 Theft of a firearm
RS 14:67.16 Identity theft
RS 14:67.17 Repealed by Acts 2014, No. 255, §3.
RS 14:67.18 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:67.19 Theft of anhydrous ammonia
RS 14:67.19.1 Unauthorized possession of anhydrous ammonia
RS 14:67.20 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:67.21 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:67.22 Fraudulent acquisition of a credit card
RS 14:67.23 Repealed by Acts 2014, No. 255, §3.
RS 14:67.24 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:67.25 Organized retail theft
RS 14:67.26 Theft of a motor vehicle
RS 14:67.27 Repealed by Acts 2014, No. 255, §3.
RS 14:67.28 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:67.29 False personation of a veteran or fraudulent representation of a veteran-owned business
RS 14:67.30 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:68 Unauthorized use of a movable
RS 14:68.1 Unauthorized removal of shopping cart, basket, or dairy case
RS 14:68.2 Unauthorized use of supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits or supplemental nutrition assistance program benefit access devices
RS 14:68.2.1 Failure to report unauthorized use of supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits; penalties
RS 14:68.3 Unauthorized removal of a motor vehicle; penalties
RS 14:68.4 Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle
RS 14:68.4.1 Staging of a motor vehicle collision
RS 14:68.4.2 Aggravated staging of a motor vehicle collision
RS 14:68.5 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:68.6 Unauthorized ordering of goods or services
RS 14:68.7 Receipts and universal product code labels; unlawful acts
RS 14:69 Illegal possession of stolen things
RS 14:69.1 Illegal possession of stolen firearms
RS 14:70 False accounting
RS 14:70.1 Medicaid fraud
RS 14:70.2 Refund or access device application fraud
RS 14:70.3 Fraud in selling agricultural equipment
RS 14:70.4 Access device fraud
RS 14:70.5 Fraudulent remuneration
RS 14:70.6 Unlawful distribution, possession, or use of theft alarm deactivation devices
RS 14:70.7 Unlawful production, manufacturing, distribution, or possession of fraudulent documents for identification purposes
RS 14:70.8 Illegal transmission of monetary funds
RS 14:70.9 Government benefits fraud
RS 14:71 Issuing worthless checks
RS 14:71.1 Bank fraud
RS 14:71.2 Failure to pay bridge or bridge-causeway toll
RS 14:71.3 Mortgage fraud
RS 14:71.4 Homestead exemption fraud
RS 14:72 Forgery
RS 14:72.1 Use of forged academic records
RS 14:72.1.1 Forgery of a certificate of insurance or insurance identification card; penalties
RS 14:72.2 Monetary instrument abuse
RS 14:72.3 Identification of alleged offender
RS 14:72.4 Disposal of property with fraudulent or malicious intent
RS 14:72.5 Unlawful production, manufacture, distribution or possession of fraudulent postsecondary education degree
RS 14:72.6 Forgery of a motor vehicle inspection certificate; penalties
RS 14:73 Commercial bribery
RS 14:73.1 Definitions
RS 14:73.2 Offenses against intellectual property
RS 14:73.3 Offenses against computer equipment or supplies
RS 14:73.4 Offenses against computer users
RS 14:73.5 Computer fraud
RS 14:73.6 Offenses against electronic mail service provider
RS 14:73.7 Computer tampering
RS 14:73.8 Unauthorized use of a wireless router system; pornography involving juveniles; penalty
RS 14:73.9 Criminal use of Internet, virtual, street-map; enhanced penalties
RS 14:73.10 Online impersonation
RS 14:73.11 Communication interference
RS 14:73.12 Trespass against state computers
RS 14:73.13 §73.13. Unlawful deepfakes
RS 14:74 Criminal neglect of family
RS 14:74.1 Right of action
RS 14:75 Failure to pay child support obligation
RS 14:75.1 REPEALED BY ACTS 1993, NO. 442, 4, EFF. JUNE 9, 1993.
RS 14:75.2 REPEALED BY ACTS 1993, NO. 442, 4, EFF. JUNE 9, 1993.
RS 14:76 Bigamy
RS 14:77 Abetting in bigamy
RS 14:78 Repealed by Acts 2014, No. 177, §2 and Acts 2014, No. 602, §7, eff. June 12, 2014.
RS 14:78.1 Repealed by Acts 2014, No. 177, §2 and Acts 2014, No. 602, §7, eff. June 12, 2014.
RS 14:79 Violation of protective orders
RS 14:79.1 Criminal abandonment
RS 14:79.2 Repealed by Acts 1975, No. 638, 3
RS 14:80 Felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile
RS 14:80.1 Misdemeanor carnal knowledge of a juvenile
RS 14:81 Indecent behavior with juveniles
RS 14:81.1 Pornography involving juveniles
RS 14:81.1.1 "Sexting"; prohibited acts; penalties
RS 14:81.2 Molestation of a juvenile or a person with a physical or mental disability
RS 14:81.3 Computer-aided solicitation of a minor
RS 14:81.4 Prohibited sexual conduct between educator and student
RS 14:81.5 Unlawful possession of videotape of protected persons under R.S. 15:440.1 et seq.
RS 14:82 Prostitution; definition; penalties; enhancement
RS 14:82.1 Prostitution; persons under eighteen; additional offenses
RS 14:82.2 Purchase of commercial sexual activity; penalties
RS 14:83 Soliciting for prostitutes
RS 14:83.1 Inciting prostitution
RS 14:83.2 Promoting prostitution
RS 14:83.3 Prostitution by massage
RS 14:83.4 Massage; sexual conduct prohibited
RS 14:84 Pandering
RS 14:85 Letting premises for prostitution
RS 14:85.1 Repealed by Acts. 2008, No. 220, §13, eff. June 14, 2008.
RS 14:86 Enticing persons into prostitution
RS 14:87 Repealed by Acts 2022, No. 545, §4.
RS 14:87.1 Definitions
RS 14:87.1.1 Killing a child during delivery; penalties
RS 14:87.2 Human experimentation on an infant born alive
RS 14:87.3 Prohibited sale, receipt, or transport of fetal organs and body parts
RS 14:87.4 Abortion advertising
RS 14:87.5 Intentional failure to sustain life and health of aborted viable infant
RS 14:87.6 Coerced abortion
RS 14:87.7 Abortion
RS 14:87.8 Late term abortion
RS 14:87.9 Criminal abortion by means of abortion-inducing drugs
RS 14:87.10 Abortion by an unlicensed physician
RS 14:87.11 Aggravated abortion by dismemberment
RS 14:87.12 Partial birth abortion
RS 14:88 Repealed by Acts 2022, No. 548, §4.
RS 14:89 Crime against nature
RS 14:89.1 Aggravated crime against nature
RS 14:89.2 Crime against nature by solicitation
RS 14:89.3 Sexual abuse of an animal
RS 14:89.6 Human-animal hybrids
RS 14:90 Gambling
RS 14:90.1 Seizure and disposition of evidence, property and proceeds; gambling
RS 14:90.2 Gambling in public
RS 14:90.3 Gambling by computer
RS 14:90.4 Unlawful playing of video draw poker devices by persons under the age of twenty-one; penalty
RS 14:90.5 Unlawful playing of gaming devices by persons under the age of twenty-one; underage persons, penalty
RS 14:90.6 Gambling or wagering at cockfights
RS 14:90.7 Gambling by electronic sweepstakes device
RS 14:91.1 Unlawful presence of a sexually violent predator
RS 14:91.2 Unlawful presence of a sex offender
RS 14:91.3 Unlawful participation in a child-related business
RS 14:91.4 Contributing to the endangerment of a minor
RS 14:91.5 Unlawful use of a social networking website
RS 14:91.6 Unlawful distribution of sample tobacco products, alternative nicotine products, or vapor products to persons under age twenty-one; penalty
RS 14:91.7 Unauthorized possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on public school property
RS 14:91.8 Unlawful sale, purchase, or possession of tobacco, alternative nicotine products, or vapor products; signs required; penalties
RS 14:91.9 Unlawful presence or contact of a sex offender relative to a former victim
RS 14:91.10 Unlawful sale or distribution of mitragynine speciosa to persons under age twenty-one; penalty.
RS 14:91.11 Sale, exhibition, or distribution of material harmful to minors
RS 14:91.12 Sale, distribution or making available to minors publications encouraging, advocating, or facilitating the illegal use of controlled dangerous substances
RS 14:91.13 Illegal use of controlled dangerous substances in the presence of persons under seventeen years of age
RS 14:91.14 Unlawful distribution of material harmful to minors through the Internet
RS 14:91.15 Unlawful operation of an unlicensed child day care center
RS 14:91.21 Sale of poisonous reptiles to minors; penalty
RS 14:91.22 Repealed by Acts 1974, No. 276, 1
RS 14:92 Contributing to the delinquency of juveniles
RS 14:92.1 Encouraging or contributing to child delinquency, dependency, or neglect; penalty; suspension of sentence; definitions
RS 14:92.2 Improper supervision of a minor by parent or legal custodian
RS 14:92.3 Retaliation by a minor against a parent, legal custodian, witness, or complainant
RS 14:93 Cruelty to juveniles
RS 14:93.1 Model glue; use of; abuse of toxic vapors; unlawful sales to minors; penalties
RS 14:93.2 Tattooing and body piercing of minors; prohibition
RS 14:93.2.1 Child desertion
RS 14:93.2.2 Unlawful placement of gold fillings, caps, and crowns; minors
RS 14:93.2.3 Second degree cruelty to juveniles
RS 14: 93.2.4 Unlawful swimming in certain waterways
RS 14:93.3 Cruelty to persons with infirmities
RS 14:93.4 Exploitation of persons with infirmities
RS 14:93.5 Sexual battery of persons with infirmities
RS 14:93.10 Definitions
RS 14:93.11 Unlawful sales to persons under twenty-one
RS 14:93.12 Purchase and public possession of alcoholic beverages; exceptions; penalties
RS 14:93.13 Unlawful purchase of alcoholic beverages by persons on behalf of persons under twenty-one
RS 14:93.14 Responsibilities of retail dealers not relieved
RS 14:93.15 Alcoholic beverage vaporizer; prohibitions
RS 14:93.20 Repealed by Acts 1998, No. 71, 2, eff. June 25, 1998.
RS 14:95 Illegal carrying of weapons
RS 14:95.1 Possession of firearm or carrying concealed weapon by a person convicted of certain felonies
RS 14:95.1.1 Illegally supplying a felon with a firearm
RS 14:95.1.2 Illegally supplying a felon with ammunition
RS 14:95.1.3 Fraudulent firearm and ammunition purchase
RS 14:95.1.4 Illegal transfer of a firearm to a prohibited possessor
RS 14:95.2 Carrying a firearm or dangerous weapon by a student or nonstudent on school property, at school-sponsored functions, or in a firearm-free zone
RS 14:95.2.1 Illegal carrying of a firearm at a parade with any firearm used in the commission of a crime of violence
RS 14:95.2.2 Reckless discharge of a firearm at a parade or demonstration
RS 14:95.3 Unlawful use of body armor
RS 14:95.4 Repealed
RS 14:95.5 Possession of firearm on premises of alcoholic beverage outlet
RS 14:95.6 Firearm-free zone; notice; signs; crime; penalties
RS 14:95.7 Possession of or dealing in firearms with obliterated numbers or marks
RS 14:95.8 Illegal possession of a handgun by a juvenile
RS 14:95.9 Wearing or possessing body armor, by a student or nonstudent on school property, at school-sponsored functions, or in firearm-free zones; exceptions
RS 14:95.10 Possession of a firearm or carrying of a concealed weapon by a person convicted of domestic abuse battery
RS 14:96 Aggravated obstruction of a highway of commerce
RS 14:97 Simple obstruction of a highway of commerce
RS 14:97.1 Solicitation on an interstate highway
RS 14:97.2 Unlawful sale, purchase, possession, or use of traffic signal preemption devices
RS 14:98 Operating a vehicle while intoxicated
RS 14:98.1 Operating while intoxicated; first offense; penalties
RS 14:98.2 Operating while intoxicated; second offense; penalties
RS 14:98.3 Operating while intoxicated; third offense; penalties
RS 14:98.4 Operating while intoxicated, fourth offense; penalties
RS 14:98.5 Special provisions and definitions
RS 14:98.5.1 Assessment for alcohol or drug dependence; rehabilitative programs; second and subsequent convictions
RS 14:98.6 Underage operating while intoxicated
RS 14:98.7 Unlawful refusal to submit to chemical tests; arrests for driving while intoxicated
RS 14:98.8 Operating a vehicle while under suspension for certain prior offenses
RS 14:99 Reckless operation of a vehicle
RS 14:99.1 Hit and run damaging of a potable waterline by operation of a watercraft or vessel
RS 14:99.2 Reckless operation of an off-road vehicle
RS 14:100 Hit-and-run driving
RS 14:100.1 Obstructing public passages
RS 14:100.11 Legislative findings; purpose
RS 14:100.12 Definitions
RS 14:100.13 Operating a vehicle without lawful presence in the United States
RS 14:100.14 Giving false information regarding lawful presence in the United States in order to obtain a driver's license
RS 14:101 Desecration of graves
RS 14:101.1 Purchase or sale of human organs
RS 14:101.2 Unauthorized use of sperm, ovum, or embryo
RS 14:102 Definitions; cruelty to animals
RS 14:102.1 Cruelty to animals; simple and aggravated
RS 14:102.2 Seizure and disposition of animals cruelly treated
RS 14:102.3 Search warrant; animal cruelty offenses
RS 14:102.4 Confined animals; necessary food and water
RS 14:102.5 Dogfighting; training and possession of dogs for fighting
RS 14:102.6 Seizure and destruction or disposition of dogs and equipment used in dogfighting
RS 14:102.7 Search warrant for dogfighting offenses
RS 14:102.8 Injuring or killing of a police animal
RS 14:102.9 Interference with animal research; research laboratory or farm
RS 14:102.10 Bear wrestling; penalty
RS 14:102.11 Illegal contact sports; penalty
RS 14:102.12 Definitions
RS 14:102.13 Hearing to determine if dog is dangerous or vicious
RS 14:102.14 Unlawful ownership of dangerous dog
RS 14:102.15 Unlawful ownership of a vicious dog
RS 14:102.16 Seizure and destruction or disposition of dangerous or vicious dogs
RS 14:102.17 Registration of dangerous dogs; fees
RS 14:102.18 Seizure and disposition of dogs which cause death or inflict bodily injury
RS 14:102.19 Hog and canine fighting prohibited; penalties
RS 14:102.20 Sport killing of zoo or circus animals prohibited
RS 14:102.21 Unauthorized use of the identity of a deceased soldier
RS 14:102.22 Harboring or concealing an animal which has bitten or inflicted serious bodily injury on a human
RS 14:102.23 Cockfighting
RS 14:102.24 Participation in cockfighting
RS 14:102.25 Unlawfully supplying any product for the purpose of falsifying a screening test
RS 14:102.26 Unlawful restraint of a dog; definitions; penalties
RS 14:102.27 Unlawful sale of a live dog or cat at certain locations
RS 14:102.28 Transporting live feral swine prohibited; penalties
RS 14:102.29 Unlawful possession, transfer, or manufacture of animal fighting paraphernalia
RS 14:103 Disturbing the peace
RS 14:103.1 Emanation of excessive sound or noise; exceptions; penalties
RS 14:103.2 Amplified devices in public places; quiet zones; penalties
RS 14:104 Keeping a disorderly place
RS 14:105 Letting a disorderly place
RS 14:106 Obscenity
RS 14:106.1 Promotion or wholesale promotion of obscene devices
RS 14:106.2 Sexual acts prohibited in public; penalties
RS 14:106.3 Unlawful exhibition of sexually explicit material in a motor vehicle; penalties
RS 14:107 Repealed
RS 14:107.1 Ritualistic acts
RS 14:107.2 Hate crimes
RS 14:107.3 Criminal blighting of property
RS 14:107.4 Unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity
RS 14:107.5 Solicitation of funds or transportation for certain unlawful purposes
RS 14:108 Resisting an officer
RS 14:108.1 Flight from an officer; aggravated flight from an officer
RS 14:108.2 Resisting a police officer with force or violence
RS 14:109 Repealed by Acts 1972, No. 740, 3
RS 14:110 Simple escape; aggravated escape
RS 14:110.1 Jumping bail
RS 14:110.1.1 Out-of-state bail jumping
RS 14:110.1.2 Providing false, nonexistent, or incomplete declaration of residence for bail
RS 14:110.2 Tampering with electronic monitoring equipment
RS 14:110.3 Tampering with surveillance, accounting, inventory, or monitoring systems; definitions; penalties
RS 14:111 Assisting escape
RS 14:112 False personation
RS 14:112.1 False personation of a peace officer or firefighter
RS 14:112.2 Fraudulent portrayal of a law enforcement officer or firefighter
RS 14:112.3 Aiding and abetting the fraudulent portrayal of a law enforcement officer or firefighter
RS 14:112.4 Unlawful production, manufacturing, distribution, or possession of unauthorized peace officer badges
RS 14:113 Treason
RS 14:114 Misprision of treason
RS 14:115 Criminal anarchy
RS 14:116 Flag desecration
RS 14:116.1 Flag burning
RS 14:117 Flag desecration; exceptions
RS 14:117.1 Paramilitary organizations; prohibitions
RS 14:118 Public bribery
RS 14:118.1 Bribery of sports participants
RS 14:118.2 Falsifying information on racing license applications
RS 14:119 Repealed by Acts 2010, No. 797, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2011.
RS 14:119.1 Bribery of parents of school children
RS 14:120 Corrupt influencing
RS 14:121 Informers granted immunity
RS 14:122 Public intimidation and retaliation
RS 14:122.1 Intimidation and interference in the operation of schools
RS 14:122.2 Threatening a public official or law enforcement officer; penalties; definitions
RS 14:123 Perjury
RS 14:124 Inconsistent statements; perjury
RS 14:125 False swearing
RS 14:125.1 False swearing in paternity cases
RS 14:125.2 False statements concerning paternity
RS 14:126 Inconsistent statements; false swearing
RS 14:126.1 False swearing for purpose of violating public health or safety
RS 14:126.1.1 False communication with the intent to cause an emergency response
RS 14:126.2 False statements concerning denial of constitutional rights
RS 14:126.3 False statements concerning employment in a nursing or health care facility
RS 14:126.3.1 Unauthorized participation in medical assistance programs
RS 14:126.4 False certification of arrest documents
RS 14:127 Limitation of defenses
RS 14:128 Completion of affidavit
RS 14:128.1 Terrorism
RS 14:128.2 Aiding others in terrorism
RS 14:129 Jury tampering
RS 14:129.1 Intimidating, impeding or injuring witnesses; injuring officers; penalties
RS 14:129.2 Recording, listening to, or observing proceedings of grand or petit juries while deliberating or voting
RS 14:130 Jury misconduct
RS 14:130.1 Obstruction of justice
RS 14:131 Compounding a felony
RS 14:131.1 Failure to report the commission of certain felonies
RS 14:132 Injuring public records
RS 14:133 Filing or maintaining false public records
RS 14:133.1 Obstruction of court orders
RS 14:133.2 Misrepresentation during booking
RS 14:133.3 Falsification of drug tests
RS 14:133.4 Misrepresentation during issuance of a misdemeanor summons or preparation of a juvenile custodial agreement
RS 14:133.5 Filing a false complaint against a law enforcement officer
RS 14:133.6 Filing a false lien against a law enforcement or court officer
RS 14:133.7 Publication of certain criminal record information or juvenile record information prohibited
RS 14:134 Malfeasance in office
RS 14:134.1 Malfeasance in office; sexual conduct prohibited with persons in the custody and supervision of the Department of Public Safety and Corrections
RS 14:134.2 Malfeasance in office; tampering with evidence
RS 14:134.3 Abuse of office
RS 14:135 Public salary deduction
RS 14:136 Public salary extortion
RS 14:137 Repealed by Acts 1979, No. 700, 8
RS 14:138 Public payroll fraud
RS 14:139 Political payroll padding
RS 14:139.1 Political payroll padding by sheriff; sale of assets of sheriff's office prohibited
RS 14:139.2 Transfer of capital assets of clerk of court's office prohibited
RS 14:140 Public contract fraud
RS 14:141 Prohibited splitting of profits, fees or commissions; exceptions
RS 14:142 Offenses committed prior to effective date of Code
RS 14:143 Preemption of state law; exceptions
RS 14:201 Collateral securities, unauthorized use or withdrawal prohibited; penalty; proof of intent; of personal advantage
RS 14:202 Contractors; misapplication of payments prohibited; penalty
RS 14:202.1 Residential contractor fraud; penalties
RS 14:202.2 Solar electric and solar thermal system contractors; solar tax credit fraud
RS 14:203 Electrical appliances, sale without original factory serial number prohibited; penalty
RS 14:204 Fire-raising on lands of another by criminal negligence; penalty
RS 14:204.1 Fire-raising in a correctional facility; penalty
RS 14:205 Fire-raising on lands of another with malice; penalty
RS 14:206 Fire prevention interference; penalty
RS 14:206.1 Engaging in life safety and property protection contracting without authority prohibited; penalty
RS 14:207 Motor vehicles, alteration or removal of identifying numbers prohibited; sale, etc., of motor vehicle with altered identifying numbers prohibited; penalty; application of Section
RS 14:208 Operas, performance or representation without consent of owner prohibited; penalty
RS 14:209 Seals, breaking prohibited; penalty
RS 14:210 Taxicabs, tampering with meter forbidden; penalty
RS 14:211 Repealed by Acts 2017, No. 281, §3.
RS 14:212 Forest products, false statement prohibited; penalty
RS 14:213 False packing of cotton bales and other agricultural products; penalty
RS 14:214 Fishing or hunting contest fraud
RS 14:215 Repealed by Acts 1962, No. 310, III (3)
RS 14:217 Purchase or sale of seafoods prohibited under certain conditions; penalties
RS 14:218 Seafood sales and purchases; commercial license required of seller; penalties
RS 14:219 Removal of building or structure from immovable property subject to a conventional mortgage or vendor's privilege
RS 14:220 Rented or leased motor vehicles; obtaining by false representation, etc.; failure to return; defenses; penalties
RS 14:220.1 Leased movables; obtaining by false representation; failure to return or surrender; penalties; restitution
RS 14:221 Avoiding payment for telecommunications services, cable television services, or multipoint distribution system service
RS 14:222 Possession, manufacture, sale or transfer of devices for avoidance of payment for telecommunications services or related offenses; seizure of devices
RS 14:222.1 Unauthorized interception, interference with, or retransmission of services offered over a cable television system
RS 14:222.2 Cellular telephone counterfeiting
RS 14:222.3 Unlawful use of a cellular tracking device; penalty
RS 14:223 Sound reproductions without consent prohibited
RS 14:223.1 Terms defined
RS 14:223.2 Exceptions
RS 14:223.3 Penalties
RS 14:223.4 Civil remedies preserved
RS 14:223.5 Recording of performances without consent prohibited
RS 14:223.6 Rental or sale of improperly labeled articles prohibited
RS 14:223.7 Counterfeiting or possessing counterfeit labels prohibited
RS 14:223.8 Possessing of tools and equipment used for manufacturing unauthorized sound recordings prohibited
RS 14:223.9 Unlawful operation of a recording device
RS 14:224 Transportation of water from St. Tammany Parish prohibited; penalties
RS 14:225 Institutional vandalism
RS 14:226 Protection of owners of crayfish farms; penalties
RS 14:227 Identification number, personal property, alteration or removal prohibited
RS 14:228 Interference with animal research facilities or animal management facilities
RS 14:228.1 Unauthorized release of certain animals, birds, or aquatic species
RS 14:229 Illegal use of counterfeit trademark; penalties
RS 14:230 Money laundering; transactions involving proceeds of criminal activity
RS 14:230.1 Civil remedies
RS 14:231 Counterfeit and nonfunctional air bags prohibited; air bag fraud
RS 14:281 Disorderly place, maintaining of prohibited; penalty
RS 14:282 Operation of places of prostitution prohibited; penalty
RS 14:283 Video voyeurism; penalties
RS 14:283.1 Voyeurism; penalties
RS 14:283.2 Nonconsensual disclosure of a private image
RS 14:283.3 Abuse of persons with infirmities through electronic means
RS 14:284 Peeping Tom; penalty
RS 14:285 Telephone communications; improper language; harassment; penalty
RS 14:286 Sale of minor children; penalties
RS 14:311 Discharging fire-works or explosives within one thousand feet of hospital prohibited; penalty
RS 14:312 Jumping from state bridge for publicity prohibited; penalty
RS 14:313 Masks or hoods, wearing in public places prohibited; penalty; exceptions; permit to conduct Mardi Gras festivities, how obtained; wearing of hoods, masks, or disguises or giving of candy or other gifts by sex offenders
RS 14:313.1 Distributing candy or gifts on Halloween and other public holidays by "sex offenders" prohibited; penalty
RS 14:314 Mississippi River, making unauthorized cut-offs prohibited; penalty
RS 14:315 Mississippi River, stopping outlets or bayous prohibited; reopening; penalty
RS 14:316 Repealed by Acts 2004, No. 577, §2.
RS 14:317 Repealed by Acts 1972, No. 255, 1
RS 14:318 Sale of fireworks containing white or yellow phosphorus prohibited; penalty
RS 14:319 Sale of toy pistols prohibited; penalty; exceptions
RS 14:320 Telegrams, divulging or obtaining knowledge of contents prohibited; penalty
RS 14:321 Unauthorized signals to persons in charge of locomotives, etc., prohibited; penalty
RS 14:322 Wire-tapping prohibited; penalty
RS 14:322.1 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 795, 3, eff. July 22, 1991.
RS 14:322.2 Repealed by Acts 1991, No. 795, 3, eff. July 22, 1991.
RS 14:323 Tracking devices prohibited; penalty
RS 14:324 Abandoning or discarding ice boxes or other air tight containers; penalty
RS 14:325 Annual registration of conductors of public opinion polls; penalty for failure
RS 14:326 Processions, marches, parades, or demonstrations; permits; liability; bond; exemptions; penalty
RS 14:327 Obstructing a fireman
RS 14:328 Obstruction or interference with members of staff, faculty, or students of educational institutions; trespass, damage to property; felony; penalties
RS 14:329 Interfering with a law enforcement investigation
RS 14:329.1 Riot
RS 14:329.2 Inciting to riot
RS 14:329.3 Command to disperse; who may give; failure to comply
RS 14:329.4 Wrongful use of public property; permits for use of public property
RS 14:329.5 Prohibition of interference with educational process; certain activities excepted
RS 14:329.6 Proclamation of state of emergency; conditions therefor; effect thereof
RS 14:329.7 Punishment
RS 14:329.8 Applicability of other acts
RS 14:330 Motion picture ratings; definitions; prohibition on advertising coming attraction with more restrictive rating
RS 14:331 Prohibition of debt adjusting when conducted for profit
RS 14:332 Interference with medical treatment
RS 14:333 Misrepresentation of age to obtain alcoholic beverages or gain entry to licensed premises prohibited; penalties
RS 14:334 Ignition interlock device offenses
RS 14:335 Checks; requiring certain information to be recorded on; prohibited; penalties
RS 14:336 Unlawful aiming of a laser at an aircraft
RS 14:337 Unlawful use of an unmanned aircraft system
RS 14:338 Interfering with emergency communication
RS 14:351 Bail, sale, etc. of real estate securing, prohibited; penalty
RS 14:352 Repealed by Acts 2010, No. 797, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2011.
RS 14:353 Documents simulating official court papers for collection purposes, sale or purchase prohibited; use prohibited; penalty
RS 14:354 Fiduciaries, failure to file accounts in court; penalty
RS 14:355 Property exempt from execution; penalty for deprivation of rights
RS 14:356 Sheriffs, etc., solicitation of legal business prohibited; penalty
RS 14:356.1 Unlawful referrals by wrecker drivers and others; penalty
RS 14:356.2 Unlawful appearance bond procurement
RS 14:356.3 Unlawful referrals by ambulance drivers and others; penalty
RS 14:357 Candies, selling without payment of license tax; penalty
RS 14:358 Subversive activities and communist control law; legislative finding of fact and declaration of necessity
RS 14:359 Definitions
RS 14:360 Due process determination of facts
RS 14:361 Venue
RS 14:362 Registration of organizations
RS 14:363 Registration of individuals
RS 14:364 Registration statements to be public records
RS 14:365 Election ballots
RS 14:366 Public office and public support, disqualification
RS 14:367 Labeling of propaganda
RS 14:368 Acts prohibited
RS 14:369 Penalties
RS 14:370 Additional penalties
RS 14:371 Screening of prospective public officials and employees
RS 14:372 Candidates for public office; filing of nonsubversive affidavits
RS 14:373 Citation of subversive activities and communist control law
RS 14:374 Failure to report bail bonds
RS 14:375 Illegal consideration for criminal bail bonds
RS 14:376 Repealed by Acts 1965, No. 45, 3
RS 14:378 To 380 Repealed by Acts 1962, No. 270, 1
RS 14:381 To 384 Blank
RS 14:385 Organizations engaged in social, educational or political activities; Communist affiliations prohibited
RS 14:386 Affidavits
RS 14:387 Failure to file affidavit; penalty
RS 14:388 False statements in affidavit as perjury
RS 14:389 Blank
RS 14:390 Declaration of public policy
RS 14:390.1 Definition of communist propaganda
RS 14:390.2 Acts prohibited
RS 14:390.3 Legitimate procurement of contraband
RS 14:390.4 Venue
RS 14:390.5 Warehousing and storage
RS 14:390.6 Destruction of contraband
RS 14:390.7 Penalties
RS 14:390.8 Short title
RS 14:401 Demonstrations in or near building housing a court or occupied as residence by judge, juror, witness or court officer
RS 14:402 Contraband defined; certain activities regarding contraband in penal institutions prohibited; penalty; disposition of seized contraband
RS 14:402.1 Taking of contraband to state-owned hospitals unlawful; penalty
RS 14:403 Abuse of children; reports; waiver of privilege
RS 14:403.1 Substance abuse in schools; definitions; confidential reports; immunity; penalty
RS 14:403.2 Abuse and neglect of adults
RS 14:403.3 Reports of missing children; procedures; false reports or communications; penalties
RS 14:403.4 Burn injuries and wounds; reports; registry; immunity; penalties
RS 14:403.5 Gunshot wounds; mandatory reporting
RS 14:403.6 Reporting of neglect or abuse of animals
RS 14:403.7 Failure to report a missing child
RS 14:403.8 Failure to report the death of a child
RS 14:403.9 Alcohol consumption; emergency assistance and cooperation; immunity
RS 14:403.10 Drug-related overdoses; medical assistance; immunity from prosecution
RS 14:403.11 Administration of opiate antagonists; immunity
RS 14:404 Self-mutilation by a prisoner
RS 14:405 Unlawful establishment of accounts on Internet-based social networking websites by inmates
RS 14:501 Killing or injuring a person while hunting; penalty for failure to render aid
RS 14:502 Failure to seek assistance
RS 14:511 Loansharking; penalty
RS 14:512 Aggravated loansharking; penalty
RS 14:513 Possession of loanshark records; penalty
RS 14:601 Louisiana Felony Class System Task Force

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