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Amendments to the LA Constitution of 1974
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Revised Statutes - Title 9
RS 9:101 Emancipation from all disabilities and incapacities; obligations
RS 9:102 Suits, judicial proceedings, and judgments
RS 9:103 Binding themselves or disposing of or hypothecating property for benefit of husband or community; contracts with husband
RS 9:104 Repealed by Acts 1974, No. 89, 1
RS 9:105 Laws relating to matrimonial community and separate property not affected
RS 9:111 Definition of death
RS 9:122 Uses of human embryo in vitro
RS 9:123 Capacity
RS 9:124 Legal status
RS 9:125 Separate entity
RS 9:126 Ownership
RS 9:127 Responsibility
RS 9:128 Qualifications
RS 9:129 Destruction
RS 9:130 Duties of donors
RS 9:131 Judicial standard
RS 9:132 Liability
RS 9:133 Inheritance rights
RS 9:152 Uniformity of application and construction
RS 9:153 Definitions
RS 9:154 Presumptions of abandonment
RS 9:154.1 Compensation for expropriation; ownership; town of Berwick
RS 9:154.2 Repealed by Acts 2021, No. 114, §17, eff. July 1, 2022.
RS 9:154.3 Crescent City Connection amnesty program; Crescent City Amnesty Refund Fund; disposition
RS 9:155 Contents of safe deposit box or other safekeeping depository
RS 9:156 Rules for taking custody
RS 9:157 Dormancy charge
RS 9:157.1 Prohibited charges by licensee operator or sports wagering account operator
RS 9:158 Burden of proof as to property evidenced by record of check or draft
RS 9:159 Report of abandoned property
RS 9:160 Payment or delivery of abandoned property
RS 9:161 Notice and publication of lists of abandoned property
RS 9:162 Custody by state; recovery by holder; defense of holder
RS 9:163 Crediting of dividends, interest, and increments to owner's account
RS 9:164 Public sale of abandoned property
RS 9:165 Deposit of funds
RS 9:165.1 Bonds; unclaimed property bonds; completion of I-49
RS 9:165.2 Designates first I-49 unclaimed property bond project; "Alvin B. Kessler Memorial Highway"
RS 9:166 Claim of another state to recover property
RS 9:167 Filing claim with administrator; handling of claims by administrator
RS 9:168 Action to establish claim
RS 9:169 Election to take payment or delivery
RS 9:170 Destruction or disposition of property having no substantial commercial value; immunity from liability
RS 9:171 Periods of limitation
RS 9:172 Requests for reports and examination of records
RS 9:173 Retention of records
RS 9:174 Enforcement
RS 9:175 Interstate agreements and cooperation; joint and reciprocal actions with other states; confidentiality
RS 9:176 Interest and penalties
RS 9:177 Agreement to locate property
RS 9:178 Foreign transactions
RS 9:179 Applicability of Chapter
RS 9:180 Rules
RS 9:181 Severability
RS 9:182 United States savings bonds; escheatment procedures
RS 9:192 Disposition
RS 9:196 Limited tutorship by nature
RS 9:202 Authority to perform marriage ceremony
RS 9:203 Officiant; judges and justices of the peace
RS 9:204 Officiant other than judge; registration
RS 9:205 Officiant to require marriage license
RS 9:211 Relations of the fourth degree
RS 9:212 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:213 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:214 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:221 Authority to issue marriage license
RS 9:222 Place of issuance
RS 9:223 Form
RS 9:224 Same; information required
RS 9:225 Same; attachments
RS 9:226 Certified copy of birth certificate; translation to English
RS 9:227 Certified copy unavailable; other proof
RS 9:228 Same; court order waiving birth certificate
RS 9:229 To 233 Repealed by Acts 1988, No. 345, 2, eff. July 7, 1988; Acts 1988, No. 808, 2, eff. July 18, 1988.
RS 9:234 Time and date; indication of covenant marriage
RS 9:235 Valid for thirty days
RS 9:236 Reissuance
RS 9:237 Information on matrimonial regime and covenant marriage laws; printed summary
RS 9:241 Premature ceremony prohibited
RS 9:242 Waiver of delay
RS 9:243 Penalty
RS 9:244 Witnesses required
RS 9:245 Marriage certificate
RS 9:251 Consolidated form
RS 9:252 Duplicate records of marriage licenses issued; preservation; filing of duplicate copy with state division of vital records; penalty for failure to file
RS 9:253 Disposition and recordation of marriage certificates
RS 9:254 Penalty for failure to file or complete marriage certificate
RS 9:255 Tabulation of marriage statistics; annual report
RS 9:256 Penalties
RS 9:261 Opposition to marriage
RS 9:262 Hearing on opposition
RS 9:263 Persons entitled to oppose
RS 9:272 Covenant marriage; intent; conditions to create
RS 9:273 Covenant marriage; contents of declaration of intent
RS 9:273.1 Declaration of intent; form
RS 9:274 Covenant marriage; other applicable rules
RS 9:275 Covenant marriage; applicability to already married couples
RS 9:275.1 Declaration of intent; married couples; form
RS 9:276 Limitation of liability; pastoral counselor
RS 9:291 Suits between spouses
RS 9:292 Surname of married person
RS 9:293 Law applicable to spouses in covenant marriage
RS 9:294 Covenant spouses' love, respect, and community
RS 9:295 Covenant spouses' obligation to live together
RS 9:296 Right and duty of covenant spouses to manage household
RS 9:297 Decisionmaking in interest of family
RS 9:298 Obligations to children of the marriage
RS 9:302 Divorce proceedings; hearings in chambers; procedure
RS 9:303 Income assignment; new orders; deviation
RS 9:304 Judgment of divorce; waiting periods; accrual of abandonment period
RS 9:304.1 Court costs; action to make child support executory
RS 9:305 Repealed by Acts 2006, No. 344, §7 eff. June 13, 2006.
RS 9:306 Seminar for divorcing parents
RS 9:307 Divorce or separation from bed and board in a covenant marriage; exclusive grounds
RS 9:308 Separation from bed and board in covenant marriage; suit against spouse; jurisdiction, procedure, and incidental relief
RS 9:309 Separation from bed and board in a covenant marriage; effects
RS 9:310 Retroactivity of spousal support order
RS 9:311 Modification of support; material change in circumstances; periodic review by Department of Children and Family Services; medical support
RS 9:311.1 Child support during the obligor's incarceration; Department of Children and Family Services providing support enforcement services
RS 9:312 Child support; accounting; requirements
RS 9:313 Divorce and child support proceedings; special requirements
RS 9:314 Attorney fees and court costs in domestic abuse cases
RS 9:315 Economic data and principles; definitions
RS 9:315.1 Rebuttable presumption; deviation from guidelines by court; stipulations by parties
RS 9:315.1.1 Determination of income; evidence
RS 9:315.2 Calculation of basic child support obligation
RS 9:315.3 Net child care costs; addition to basic obligation
RS 9:315.4 Health insurance premiums; addition to basic obligation
RS 9:315.5 Extraordinary medical expenses; addition to basic obligation
RS 9:315.6 Other extraordinary expenses; addition to basic obligation
RS 9:315.7 Deductions for income of the child
RS 9:315.8 Calculation of total child support obligation; worksheet
RS 9:315.9 Effect of shared custodial arrangement
RS 9:315.10 Effect of split custodial arrangement
RS 9:315.11 Voluntarily unemployed or underemployed party
RS 9:315.12 Second jobs and overtime
RS 9:315.13 Amounts not set forth in or exceeding schedule
RS 9:315.14 Mandatory minimum child support award
RS 9:315.15 No change in circumstances intended
RS 9:315.16 Review of guidelines
RS 9:315.17 Standard of appellate review
RS 9:315.18 Schedule; information
RS 9:315.19 Schedule for support
RS 9:315.20 Worksheets
RS 9:315.21 Retroactivity of child support judgment
RS 9:315.22 Termination of child support upon majority or emancipation; exceptions
RS 9:315.23 Suspension or modification of child support obligation; secreting of child
RS 9:315.24 Child support enforcement; revocatory and oblique actions
RS 9:315.25 Consideration of custody or visitation matters
RS 9:315.26 Collection of past due child support
RS 9:315.27 Repealed
RS 9:315.30 Family financial responsibility; purpose
RS 9:315.31 Definitions
RS 9:315.32 Order of suspension of license; noncompliance with support order; contempt of court
RS 9:315.33 Suspension of license; notice of suspension from licensing board; temporary license
RS 9:315.34 Subsequent compliance; order of compliance; order of partial compliance
RS 9:315.35 Reissuance of license
RS 9:315.36 Suspension of license; pattern of nonpayment
RS 9:315.40 Definitions
RS 9:315.41 Notice of child support delinquency; suspension of license
RS 9:315.42 Objection to suspension of license
RS 9:315.43 Administrative hearing
RS 9:315.44 Certification of noncompliance
RS 9:315.45 Suspension of license; notice of suspension from licensing authority
RS 9:315.46 Subsequent compliance with support order; compliance and partial compliance releases
RS 9:315.47 Reissuance of license
RS 9:315.48 Repealed by Acts 2001, No. 612, 3, eff. June 22, 2001.
RS 9:321 Retroactivity of judgment concerning spousal support
RS 9:322 Judgment or order for support not to be recorded
RS 9:323 Recordation of judgment or order for amount due
RS 9:324 Cancellation of record following payment
RS 9:325 Collection of past due spousal support
RS 9:326 Determination of income for spousal support; evidence
RS 9:327 Determination of domestic abuse for spousal support
RS 9:331 Custody or visitation proceeding; evaluation by licensed mental health professional
RS 9:331.1 Drug testing in custody or visitation proceeding
RS 9:331.2 Custody and visitation proceeding; parenting education programs
RS 9:332 Custody or visitation proceeding; mediation
RS 9:333 Duties of mediator
RS 9:334 Mediator qualifications
RS 9:335 Joint custody decree and implementation order; custody during an emergency or disaster
RS 9:336 Obligation of joint custodians to confer
RS 9:337 Repealed by Acts 2001, No. 1082, 3.
RS 9:341 Restriction on visitation
RS 9:342 Bond to secure child custody or visitation order
RS 9:343 Return of child kept in violation of custody and visitation order
RS 9:344 Visitation rights of grandparents and siblings
RS 9:345 Appointment of attorney in child custody or visitation proceedings
RS 9:346 Action for failure to exercise or to allow visitation, custody or time rights pursuant to court-ordered schedule; judgment and awards
RS 9:347 Repealed by Acts 2008, No. 671, §3.
RS 9:348 Loss of visitation due to military service; compensatory visitation
RS 9:351 Access to records of child
RS 9:352 To 356 [Blank].
RS 9:355.1 Definitions
RS 9:355.2 Applicability
RS 9:355.3 Persons authorized to propose relocation of principal residence of a child
RS 9:355.4 Notice of proposed relocation of child; court authorization to relocate
RS 9:355.5 Mailing notice of proposed relocation address
RS 9:355.6 Failure to give notice of relocation
RS 9:355.7 Objection to relocation of child
RS 9:355.8 Limitation on objection by non-parents
RS 9:355.9 Effect of objection or failure to object to notice of proposed relocation
RS 9:355.10 Burden of proof
RS 9:355.11 Court authorization to relocate
RS 9:355.12 Temporary order
RS 9:355.13 Priority for trial
RS 9:355.14 Factors to determine contested relocation
RS 9:355.15 Mental health expert; appointment
RS 9:355.16 Application of factors at initial hearing
RS 9:355.17 Modification of custody
RS 9:355.18 Posting security
RS 9:355.19 Sanctions for unwarranted or frivolous proposal to relocate child or objection to relocation
RS 9:356 Consideration of child support
RS 9:357 Use of technology
RS 9:358.1 Appointment of parenting coordinator; term; costs
RS 9:358.2 No appointment in family violence cases
RS 9:358.3 Qualifications
RS 9:358.4 Authority and duties of parenting coordinator
RS 9:358.5 Testimony and report
RS 9:358.6 Communication with court
RS 9:358.7 Access to information
RS 9:358.8 Termination of appointment of parenting coordinator
RS 9:358.9 Limitation of liability
RS 9:359 Short title
RS 9:359.1 Definitions
RS 9:359.2 Final order; modification prohibited
RS 9:359.3 Material change in circumstances
RS 9:359.4 Temporary modification
RS 9:359.5 Termination of temporary modification order
RS 9:359.6 Delegation of visitation
RS 9:359.7 Testimony; evidence
RS 9:359.8 Lack of existing order of custody or visitation
RS 9:359.9 Duty to cooperate; disclosure of information
RS 9:359.10 Appointment of counsel
RS 9:359.11 Jurisdiction
RS 9:359.12 Attorney fees
RS 9:359.13 Applicability
RS 9:361 Legislative findings
RS 9:362 Definitions
RS 9:363 Ordered mediation prohibited
RS 9:364 Child custody; visitation
RS 9:364.1 Visitation with incarcerated parent
RS 9:365 Qualification of licensed mental health professional
RS 9:366 Injunctions
RS 9:367 Costs
RS 9:368 Other remedies not affected
RS 9:369 Limitations
RS 9:371 Injunction against alienation or encumbrance; spouse's right to demand
RS 9:372 Injunction against abuse; form; central registry
RS 9:372.1 Injunction against harassment
RS 9:373 Removal of personal property
RS 9:374 Possession and use of family residence or community movables or immovables
RS 9:375 Award of attorney's fees
RS 9:376 REPEALED BY ACTS 1993, NO. 261, 9, EFF. JAN. 1, 1994.
RS 9:382 Present effect of judgment of separation from bed and board
RS 9:383 Judgment of divorce after judgment of separation
RS 9:384 Effect of reconciliation on community
RS 9:385 Actions pending on effective date of child custody and support revision act; law governing
RS 9:386 Actions pending on effective date of spousal support revision act; law governing
RS 9:387 Spousal support; period of grace after effective date of spousal support revision act
RS 9:391 Repealed by Acts 2004, No. 26, §15.
RS 9:391.1 Child conceived after death of husband
RS 9:392 Acknowledgment; requirements; content
RS 9:392.1 Acknowledgment; obligation to support; visitation
RS 9:393 Full faith and credit of acknowledgments
RS 9:394 Evidence of hospital bills and tests in paternity action
RS 9:395 Paternity proceedings; special requirements
RS 9:395.1 Repealed by Acts 2006, No. 344, §7, eff. June 13, 2006.
RS 9:396 Authority for test; ex parte orders; use of results
RS 9:397 Selection of expert
RS 9:397.1 Compensation of expert witnesses and recovery of testing costs
RS 9:397.2 Chain of custody of blood or tissue samples
RS 9:397.3 Admissibility and effect of test results
RS 9:398 Applicability to criminal actions
RS 9:398.1 Award of attorney's fees in actions to establish paternity
RS 9:398.2 Petition for order to submit to blood or tissue tests prior to bringing filiation action
RS 9:399 Establishment of child support; interim order during proceeding; final order following judgment of paternity
RS 9:399.1 Dismissal of final order following judgment of paternity; time periods; procedure; effects
RS 9:399.2 Effect of paternity on pregnancy-related medical expenses
RS 9:400 Putative father registry
RS 9:400.1 Repealed by Acts 2006, No. 344, §7, eff. June 13, 2006.
RS 9:401 Disavowal action under Civil Code Article 186; parties
RS 9:402 Effect of disavowal action on prior child support order
RS 9:402.1 Effect of three-party acknowledgment; alternative to disavowal; child support order
RS 9:403 Mother's contestation action; procedure
RS 9:404 Father's paternity action; time period; exception
RS 9:405 Legal effect of acknowledgment
RS 9:406 Revocation of authentic act; with and without cause; procedure
RS 9:407 Uncontested paternity proceedings; proof by affidavit; adoption of court rules
RS 9:408 Filiation and paternity proceeding; parties
RS 9:409 Filiation judgment; notice
RS 9:421 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.1 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.2 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.3 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.4 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.5 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.6 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.7 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.8 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.9 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.10 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.11 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.12 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.13 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.14 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:422.15 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:423 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:424 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:424.1 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:424.2 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:425 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:426 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:427 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:428 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:429 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:430 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:431 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:432 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:433 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:434 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:435 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:436 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:437 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:438 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:439 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:440 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:440.1 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:441 REPEALED BY ACTS 1991, NO. 235, 17, EFF. JAN. 1, 1992.
RS 9:461 Effect of adult adoption by stepparent
RS 9:462 Adult adoption; effective date of adoption
RS 9:463 Adult adoption; recordation
RS 9:464 Adult adoption; birth certificate
RS 9:465 Adult adoption; change of name
RS 9:551 To 553 Repealed by Acts 1956, No. 111, 1
RS 9:571 Actions between parent, person having parental authority, or tutor and child
RS 9:572 Person having parental authority; acts that may be performed without court approval
RS 9:573 REPEALED BY ACTS 1993, NO. 261, 9, EFF. JAN. 1, 1994.
RS 9:574 REPEALED BY ACTS 1993, NO. 261, 9, EFF. JAN. 4, 1994.
RS 9:575 Abused parent or grandparent; domestic abuse assistance
RS 9:602 Tutor, under tutor, curator, under curator; family meeting dispensed with
RS 9:603 Absentee minor or interdict not represented; special representation to effect sale
RS 9:651 To 653 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 31, 7, eff. Jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:671 To 674 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 31, 7, eff. Jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:675 Validating provision
RS 9:691 To 693 Repealed by Acts 1952, No. 321, 5
RS 9:711 To 713 Repealed by Acts 1974, No. 133, 2
RS 9:731 Sale or lease of right of way
RS 9:732 Ratification of sale during minority of person afterwards interdicted
RS 9:733 Purchase of federal bonds and debentures by tutors and curators
RS 9:734 Investment of funds
RS 9:735 To 742 Repealed by Acts 1987, No. 469, 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1988.
RS 9:751 Definitions
RS 9:752 Scope
RS 9:753 Nomination of custodian
RS 9:754 Transfer by gift
RS 9:755 Transfer authorized by will or trust
RS 9:756 Other transfer by fiduciary
RS 9:757 Transfer by obligor
RS 9:758 Receipt for custodial property
RS 9:759 Manner of creating custodial property and effecting transfer; designation of initial custodian; control
RS 9:760 Single custodianship
RS 9:761 Validity and effect of transfer
RS 9:762 Care of custodial property
RS 9:763 Powers of custodian
RS 9:764 Use of custodial property
RS 9:765 Expenses, compensation, and bond of custodian
RS 9:766 Exemption of third person from liability
RS 9:767 Liability to third persons
RS 9:768 Renunciation, resignation, death, or removal of custodian; designation of successor custodian
RS 9:769 Accounting by and liability of custodian
RS 9:770 Termination of custodianship
RS 9:771 Applicability
RS 9:772 Effect on existing custodianship
RS 9:773 Short title
RS 9:801 To 804 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 31, 7, eff. Jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:821 To 823 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 31, 7, eff. Jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:841 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 31, 7, eff. Jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:842 Repealed by Acts 1979, No. 709, 3, eff. Jan. 1, 1980
RS 9:951 Provisional custody by mandate of persons having parental authority; delegation
RS 9:952 Duration of provisional custody; termination
RS 9:953 Authority of the mandatary
RS 9:954 Statutory form
RS 9:961 Provisional custody by mandate of a natural tutor or cotutors with custody, but not yet judicially qualified, or a grandparent awarded custody of a child; delegation
RS 9:962 Statutory form
RS 9:1002 Repealed by Acts 2000, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 25, 4, eff. July 1, 2001.
RS 9:1003 Repealed by Acts 2000, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 25, 4, eff. July 1, 2001.
RS 9:1004 Repealed by Acts 2000, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 25, 4, eff. July 1, 2001.
RS 9:1021 Interdiction of veterans in government institutions; manner of service
RS 9:1022 Authorization of curators to continue making donations to descendants
RS 9:1023 Donation by curator to charitable and nonprofit organizations; conditions; court approval
RS 9:1024 Donations by curator to collaterals; court authorization
RS 9:1025 Removal of a curator
RS 9:1031 Appointment of nonprofit curatorship services
RS 9:1032 Powers, functions, and duties of curator and continuing tutor
RS 9:1033 Confidentiality; penalties
RS 9:1034 Fees and court costs
RS 9:1102 Batture in cities and towns; right of riparian owner
RS 9:1102.1 Rights of riparian landowners and their lessees
RS 9:1102.2 Rights and duties of riparian owners and their lessees; joint usage of certain riparian lands
RS 9:1103 Carbon sequestration on surface or water bottom
RS 9:1104 Riparian owners, use of surface water; fees prohibited; legislative finding and intent
RS 9:1105 Repealed by Acts 1974, No. 50, 3, eff. Jan. 1, 1975
RS 9:1106 Storage tanks placed on land by one not owner of land as movable property
RS 9:1107 Public policy respecting ownership of navigable waters and beds thereof
RS 9:1108 Invalidity of patent or transfer purporting to include navigable waters and beds thereof
RS 9:1109 Statutes not to be construed as validating purported transfer of navigable waters or beds thereof
RS 9:1110 Ownership of land adjacent to False River
RS 9:1111 Exclusion of certain interests in trust from classification as immovable property
RS 9:1112 Immovable property held in common; agreement not to alienate, encumber or lease
RS 9:1113 Partition of immovable property; minority interest; private sale; appraisal
RS 9:1115.1 Declaration of purpose
RS 9:1115.2 Ownership of inland non-navigable water bottoms
RS 9:1115.3 Interpretation of transfers
RS 9:1121.101 Short title
RS 9:1121.102 Applicability
RS 9:1121.103 Definitions
RS 9:1121.104 Attorney fees
RS 9:1121.105 Separate taxation
RS 9:1121.106 Applicability of ordinances, zoning, and building restrictions
RS 9:1121.107 Expropriation
RS 9:1121.108 Sale of unit; escrow accounts
RS 9:1122.101 Creation of condominium regimes; condominium declaration; recordation
RS 9:1122.102 Blank
RS 9:1122.103 Construction and validity of declaration and bylaws
RS 9:1122.104 Description of units
RS 9:1122.105 Contents of the condominium declaration
RS 9:1122.106 Reapportionment among unit owners of the percentage ownership interest in the common elements; percentages of sharing common expenses and common surplus; voting power in the association of unit owners
RS 9:1122.107 Condominiums established on leased land
RS 9:1122.108 Allocation of common element interest, votes, and common expense liabilities
RS 9:1122.109 Blank
RS 9:1122.110 Plats and plans
RS 9:1122.111 Blank
RS 9:1122.112 Termination; withdrawal
RS 9:1122.113 Alterations of units
RS 9:1122.114 Relocation of boundaries between adjoining units
RS 9:1122.115 Subdivision or conversion of units
RS 9:1122.116 Blank
RS 9:1122.117 Blank
RS 9:1122.118 Blank
RS 9:1122.119 Amendment of declaration
RS 9:1122.120 Blank
RS 9:1122.121 Blank
RS 9:1123.101 Organization of unit owners' association
RS 9:1123.102 Powers of unit owners' association
RS 9:1123.103 Blank
RS 9:1123.104 Blank
RS 9:1123.105 Termination of contracts and leases of declarant
RS 9:1123.106 Bylaws
RS 9:1123.107 Upkeep of the condominium
RS 9:1123.108 Association records
RS 9:1123.109 Blank
RS 9:1123.110 Blank
RS 9:1123.111 Blank
RS 9:1123.112 Insurance
RS 9:1123.113 Fidelity bond or equivalent form of insurance required
RS 9:1123.114 Blank
RS 9:1123.115 Privilege on immovables
RS 9:1123.116 Privilege for utility assessments
RS 9:1123.117 Blank
RS 9:1124.101 Applicability; waiver
RS 9:1124.102 Public offering statement; general provisions
RS 9:1124.103 Blank
RS 9:1124.104 Public offering statement; conversion condominiums
RS 9:1124.105 Public offering statement; condominium securities
RS 9:1124.106 Purchaser's right to cancel
RS 9:1124.107 Resales of units
RS 9:1124.108 Blank
RS 9:1124.109 Privileges
RS 9:1124.110 Blank
RS 9:1124.111 Blank
RS 9:1124.112 Blank
RS 9:1124.113 Blank
RS 9:1124.114 Blank
RS 9:1124.115 Compliance with condominium declaration, bylaws, and administrative rules and regulations
RS 9:1124.116 Blank
RS 9:1124.117 Blank
RS 9:1131.1 Short title
RS 9:1131.2 Definitions
RS 9:1131.3 Applicability
RS 9:1131.4 Creation of a timeshare plan
RS 9:1131.5 Construction and validity of declaration
RS 9:1131.6 Description of timeshare property
RS 9:1131.7 Partition
RS 9:1131.8 Termination
RS 9:1131.9 Tax assessment and payment
RS 9:1131.9.1 Developer supervisory duties
RS 9:1131.9.2 Public offering statement
RS 9:1131.10 Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 978, §3.
RS 9:1131.10.1 Contracts for purchase of timeshare interests
RS 9:1131.11 Public offering statement; when not required
RS 9:1131.12 Regulations of timeshare advertising
RS 9:1131.13 Cancellation
RS 9:1131.14 Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 978, §3.
RS 9:1131.15 Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 978, §3.
RS 9:1131.16 Repealed by Acts 2003, No. 978, §3.
RS 9:1131.16.1 Escrow of payments; escrow accounts; nondisturbance agreements; interests, liens, and encumbrances; alternative assurances
RS 9:1131.17 Escrow account; establishment; claims for damages
RS 9:1131.18 Resales of timeshares
RS 9:1131.19 Privileges
RS 9:1131.20 Management and operation of the timeshare plan
RS 9:1131.21 Assessment for timeshare interest expenses
RS 9:1131.22 Privilege for assessments
RS 9:1131.23 Insurance
RS 9:1131.24 Requirements where developer's interest in the timeshare property is a leasehold interest
RS 9:1131.25 Remedies
RS 9:1131.26 Louisiana Real Estate Recovery Fund; exemption
RS 9:1131.27 Repealed by Acts 1984, No. 943, 5, eff. July 20, 1984.
RS 9:1131.28 Recordation
RS 9:1131.29 Waiver prohibited
RS 9:1131.30 Preservation of claims and defenses
RS 9:1132 To 1142 Repealed by Acts 1979, No. 682, 3.
RS 9:1141.1 Short title
RS 9:1141.2 Definitions
RS 9:1141.3 Applicability
RS 9:1141.4 Building restrictions; matters of interpretation
RS 9:1141.5 Building restrictions; generally, affirmative duty, and common areas
RS 9:1141.6 Establishment, amendment, or termination of building restrictions
RS 9:1141.7 Agreement of owners; voting
RS 9:1141.8 Community documents; force of law
RS 9:1141.9 Homeowners association privilege
RS 9:1145 Association of owners; privilege; notice to owner; definition
RS 9:1146 Privilege; sworn detailed statement; filing
RS 9:1147 Privilege
RS 9:1148 Privilege; ranking
RS 9:1149.1 Short title
RS 9:1149.2 Definitions
RS 9:1149.3 Classification
RS 9:1149.4 Immobilization
RS 9:1149.5 Security devices
RS 9:1149.6 Deimmobilization
RS 9:1149.7 Reference to prior law
RS 9:1152 Grant of mineral servitude on lands acquired by the state from agencies or political subdivisions by subsidence or erosion
RS 9:1202 Form of security for legal usufruct of surviving spouse
RS 9:1252 Creation of real right for educational, charitable, or historic purposes
RS 9:1253 Public transportation servitude
RS 9:1254 Enclosed estate; right and servitude of passage on certain waterways
RS 9:1255 Solar collectors; right of use
RS 9:1256 Alteration and extinction of natural servitudes of drain
RS 9:1257 Conventional servitude of drain; right of dominant estate owner to enter servient estate
RS 9:1272 Definitions
RS 9:1273 Creation, conveyance, acceptance and duration
RS 9:1274 Judicial actions
RS 9:1275 Applicability
RS 9:1276 Uniformity of application and construction
RS 9:1421 Joint securities accounts; surviving account holder; definitions
RS 9:1422 Certified copies of inventories in Parish of Orleans; admission as proof
RS 9:1423 Fees of experts and appraisers
RS 9:1424 Affixing of seals on succession property; preservation
RS 9:1425 Succession judgments affecting real property in Orleans; attorneys to file with assessor
RS 9:1426 Retirement plan; usufruct of surviving spouse
RS 9:1431 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 31, 7, eff. Jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:1441 Presumption of death of military personnel
RS 9:1442 Succession of military personnel presumed dead
RS 9:1443 Proof of presumption of death of military personnel
RS 9:1454.1 Prescription against informalities of legal procedure
RS 9:1455 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 31, 7, eff. Jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:1491 To 1493 Repealed by Acts 1974, No. 131, 3
RS 9:1511 Option for servitudes or flowage rights; perfecting
RS 9:1512 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 31, 7, eff. Jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:1513 Payment to surviving spouse without court proceedings
RS 9:1514 Credit unions; payment to surviving spouse without court proceedings
RS 9:1515 Payment to surviving spouse or children of deceased; last wages due by employers
RS 9:1516 Transfer or payment of monetary proceeds of minerals or mineral products, rentals, accrued royalties, and other funds related to minerals or mineral contracts belonging or payable to deceased person; authority; discharge of holder
RS 9:1517 Certain succession representatives; power of attorney
RS 9:1521 Public sale of succession property for purposes other than payment of estate debts or legacies
RS 9:1551 Disposition of remains
RS 9:1552 Administration of successions of value of five hundred dollars or less
RS 9:1553 To 1557 Repealed by Acts 1960, No. 31, 7, eff. Jan. 1, 1961
RS 9:1581 Public administrators; appointment; terms; powers and duties
RS 9:1582 Bond
RS 9:1583 Administrators of intestate succession; when
RS 9:1584 Dative testamentary executors; when
RS 9:1585 Repealed by Acts 1972, No. 146, 2
RS 9:1586 Curator of vacant succession; disposition of funds
RS 9:1587 Repealed by Acts 1972, No. 146, 2
RS 9:1588 Power to represent state in court; costs
RS 9:1589 Compensation; employees; expense allowance; cost-of-living increases
RS 9:1590 Exemptions
RS 9:1611 Retention instead of sale; administration
RS 9:1612 Compromise of rights and claims
RS 9:1613 Disposition of funds; apportionment and allocation
RS 9:1614 Special counsel; patents for interests
RS 9:1615 Application of sections
RS 9:1702 Agreement not to partition by persons holding property in common
RS 9:1711 Definitions
RS 9:1711.1 Registration in beneficiary form
RS 9:1711.2 Registration in beneficiary form; applicable law
RS 9:1711.3 Form of registration in beneficiary form
RS 9:1711.4 Effect of registration in beneficiary form
RS 9:1711.5 Registration on death of owner
RS 9:1711.6 Registering entity
RS 9:1711.7 Terms, conditions, and forms for registration
RS 9:1711.8 Short title; rules of construction
RS 9:1711.9 Application of Chapter
RS 9:1722 Express private trusts authorized; application of Code
RS 9:1723 Dispositions containing substitutions
RS 9:1724 Construction of Code
RS 9:1725 Definitions
RS 9:1731 Trust defined
RS 9:1732 Inter vivos and testamentary trusts
RS 9:1733 Testamentary trust defined
RS 9:1734 Inter vivos trust defined
RS 9:1735 Gratuitous and onerous trusts
RS 9:1736 Conditions
RS 9:1737 Dispositions permitted
RS 9:1751 Form of testamentary trust
RS 9:1752 Form of inter vivos trust
RS 9:1753 Technical language not required; interpretation of instrument
RS 9:1754 Incorporation by reference
RS 9:1755 Acceptance by trustee
RS 9:1761 Settlor defined
RS 9:1762 Number of settlors
RS 9:1763 Who may be settlor of inter vivos trust
RS 9:1764 Who may be settlor of testamentary trust
RS 9:1771 General rule
RS 9:1781 Trustee defined
RS 9:1782 Number of trustees
RS 9:1783 Who may be trustee
RS 9:1784 Jurisdiction over the trustee
RS 9:1785 Manner in which trustee chosen
RS 9:1786 Provisional trustee
RS 9:1787 Provisional trustee; security
RS 9:1788 Resignation of trustee
RS 9:1789 Removal of trustee
RS 9:1790 Effect of resignation or removal of trustee
RS 9:1791 Appeal from judgment appointing or removing trustee
RS 9:1801 Beneficiary defined
RS 9:1802 Sufficiency of designation
RS 9:1803 Requirement that beneficiary be in being and ascertainable
RS 9:1804 Settlor as beneficiary
RS 9:1805 One or several beneficiaries; separate beneficiaries
RS 9:1806 Concurrent beneficiaries
RS 9:1807 Successive income beneficiaries
RS 9:1808 Acceptance by beneficiary
RS 9:1809 Representation upon predecease of named principal beneficiary
RS 9:1821 When testamentary trust created
RS 9:1822 When inter vivos trust created
RS 9:1823 Retroactive nature of trustee's acceptance
RS 9:1824 Consequence of trustee's failure to accept
RS 9:1831 Limitations upon stipulated term
RS 9:1832 Effect of stipulation of excessive term
RS 9:1833 Term in absence of stipulation
RS 9:1834 Exceptions
RS 9:1835 Definitions
RS 9:1841 General rule
RS 9:1842 Effect of improper stipulation
RS 9:1843 Stipulation restraining alienation
RS 9:1844 Legitime burdened with income interest or usufruct
RS 9:1845 Repealed by Acts 1979, No. 160, 2
RS 9:1846 Repealed by Acts 1979, No. 160, 3
RS 9:1847 Invasion of principal; legitime affected
RS 9:1851 General rule
RS 9:1852 Marital portion in full property
RS 9:1853 Marital portion in usufruct
RS 9:1854 Effect of improper stipulation
RS 9:1881 General rule
RS 9:1891 Creation of class
RS 9:1892 Class members
RS 9:1893 Income and principal designations
RS 9:1894 Representation
RS 9:1895 Effect of death of class member during the term of the trust
RS 9:1896 Closing of the class
RS 9:1897 Term; general rule
RS 9:1898 Effect of stipulation of excessive term
RS 9:1899 Distribution of income; forced heirs
RS 9:1900 Absence of living members before class closes; treatment of income
RS 9:1901 Closing of class; members living; effect; termination
RS 9:1902 Closing of class; continuation of trust
RS 9:1903 Class not closed; termination of income interests; effect
RS 9:1904 General rule
RS 9:1905 Interests in income
RS 9:1906 Term
RS 9:1921 General rule
RS 9:1922 Term of trust
RS 9:1931 General rule
RS 9:1932 Form
RS 9:1933 Rights of person who adds property
RS 9:1934 Modification, termination, rescission, or revocation of trust to which property added
RS 9:1935 When addition by donation inter vivos effected
RS 9:1936 When addition by donation mortis causa effected
RS 9:1937 Definition of annual exclusion
RS 9:1951 General rule
RS 9:1952 Invasion of principal in mixed trusts
RS 9:1953 Assignment of interest in trust and termination of trust for mixed private and charitable purposes
RS 9:1955 Power to divide community interests
RS 9:1961 Nature of the interest
RS 9:1962 Distribution of income
RS 9:1963 Permissible stipulations regulating distribution of income
RS 9:1964 Termination of income interest; undistributed income
RS 9:1965 Effect of termination of interest
RS 9:1971 Time of acquisition of interest
RS 9:1972 Treatment of interest upon death of principal beneficiary
RS 9:1973 Shifting interest in principal
RS 9:1974 Substitute beneficiary's interest may be conditional
RS 9:1975 Requirement that substitute beneficiary be in being and ascertainable
RS 9:1976 Treatment upon death of substitute beneficiary whose interest is not conditioned on survival
RS 9:1977 Class as substitute beneficiary
RS 9:1978 Shifting interest in principal if beneficiary is descendant of settlor
RS 9:1979 Status of potential substitute principal beneficiary
RS 9:1981 General Rule
RS 9:1982 Acceptance of interest in inter vivos trust by creditor; effect
RS 9:1983 Acceptance of interest in testamentary trust by creditor; effect
RS 9:1984 Rights of beneficiary who refuses interest in testamentary trust
RS 9:1985 Manner of refusal; effect of conditions
RS 9:1986 Retroactive nature of refusal
RS 9:1987 Effect of refusal upon trustee
RS 9:1988 Partial refusal; refusal in another's favor
RS 9:1989 Refusal of addition to trust
RS 9:1990 Effect of refusal upon interest refused
RS 9:2001 General rule
RS 9:2002 Restraint upon alienation
RS 9:2003 Form
RS 9:2004 Seizure by creditor; general rule
RS 9:2005 Seizure by creditor; special claims
RS 9:2006 Exemption from seizure
RS 9:2007 Use of words "spendthrift trust"
RS 9:2011 General rule
RS 9:2012 Provisional principal beneficiaries
RS 9:2013 Settlor as default principal beneficiary
RS 9:2014 Number of settlors allowed
RS 9:2021 General rule; modification
RS 9:2022 Effect of reservation of right to revoke
RS 9:2023 Effect of reservation of unrestricted right to modify
RS 9:2024 Concurrence of settlors in modification
RS 9:2025 Delegation of right to terminate or to modify administrative provisions
RS 9:2026 Termination or modification to prevent impairment of trust purposes; termination of small trust
RS 9:2027 Accomplishment of purposes becoming impossible or illegal
RS 9:2028 Concurrence of settlors in termination
RS 9:2029 Effect of termination
RS 9:2029.1 Termination of trust; immovable property owned by trust
RS 9:2030 Combination and division of trusts
RS 9:2031 Delegation of right to amend
RS 9:2041 General rule; revocation
RS 9:2042 Effect of reservation of right to revoke
RS 9:2043 Revocation or rescission under general law
RS 9:2044 Concurrence of settlors in revocation; effect
RS 9:2045 Delegation of right to revoke
RS 9:2046 Effect of revocation or rescission
RS 9:2047 Revocation of inter vivos trusts upon divorce
RS 9:2051 Form
RS 9:2061 General rule
RS 9:2062 Limitation of duties by settlor
RS 9:2063 Relief from duties by beneficiary
RS 9:2064 Judicial permission or direction to deviate from administrative provisions of trust instrument
RS 9:2065 Judicial permission to deviate from administrative provisions of this code
RS 9:2066 Judicial permission or direction to deviate from investment provisions of trust instrument
RS 9:2067 Invasion of principal; action of court
RS 9:2068 Invasion of principal; provisions of trust instrument
RS 9:2069 Winding-up duty and powers of trustee
RS 9:2081 Breach of trust defined
RS 9:2082 Administration in interest of beneficiary; duty of impartiality
RS 9:2083 Dealing on own account
RS 9:2084 Loan by trustee to himself
RS 9:2085 Sale by trustee to himself
RS 9:2086 Self-dealing by corporate trustee
RS 9:2087 Delegating performance
RS 9:2088 Accounting
RS 9:2089 Furnishing of information
RS 9:2090 Prudent administration
RS 9:2091 Control and preservation of trust property
RS 9:2092 Recordation of instruments
RS 9:2093 Defense of actions
RS 9:2094 Separation of trust property
RS 9:2095 Bank deposits
RS 9:2096 Co-trustees
RS 9:2097 Serving as officer of legal entity in which trust funds invested
RS 9:2111 Extent of powers
RS 9:2112 Attachment of powers to office
RS 9:2113 Exercise of powers by two trustees
RS 9:2114 Three or more trustees; exercise of powers
RS 9:2114.1 Allocation of different powers to different trustees
RS 9:2115 Control of discretionary powers
RS 9:2116 Repealed by Acts 2001, No. 520, 5.
RS 9:2117 Expenses that may be incurred
RS 9:2118 Lease of trust property
RS 9:2119 Sale of trust property
RS 9:2120 Mortgage or pledge; borrowing
RS 9:2121 Compromise, arbitration, and abandonment of claims
RS 9:2122 Powers with respect to shares of stock
RS 9:2123 Stock subscription; incorporator; organizer; partnership; joint venture; limited liability company; other legal entities
RS 9:2124 Holding stock in name of nominee
RS 9:2125 Contractual liability of trust
RS 9:2126 Tort liability of trust
RS 9:2127 Standard of care in investing and management
RS 9:2128 Common trust funds
RS 9:2129 Corporate trustees; deposit of securities in clearing corporation
RS 9:2130 Transfer of fiduciary accounts
RS 9:2131 Distributions
RS 9:2141 General rule
RS 9:2142 Allocation to beneficiaries of income and principal
RS 9:2143 Allocation to beneficiaries of usufruct and naked ownership
RS 9:2144 Income and principal distinguished
RS 9:2145 When right to income arises
RS 9:2146 Apportionment of receipts when right to income arises
RS 9:2147 Apportionment of receipts when right to income ceases
RS 9:2148 Succession receipts and expenses
RS 9:2149 Receipts from interests in juridical persons
RS 9:2150 Obligation to pay money
RS 9:2151 Sole proprietorship
RS 9:2151.1 Insurance contracts
RS 9:2151.2 Deferred compensation, annuities, and similar payments
RS 9:2152 Proceeds of mineral interests
RS 9:2153 Timber
RS 9:2154 Other property subject to depletion
RS 9:2155 Repealed by Acts 2020, No. 17, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2021.
RS 9:2156 Charges
RS 9:2156.1 Transfers from income to principal for depreciation
RS 9:2156.2 Income taxes
RS 9:2157 Repealed by Acts 2020, No. 17, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2021.
RS 9:2158 Power to adjust
RS 9:2159 When the power to adjust is denied
RS 9:2160 Adjustment benefiting trustee
RS 9:2161 Adjustment beyond percentage limit
RS 9:2162 General provisions regarding court orders affecting adjustments
RS 9:2163 Remedies
RS 9:2164 Underproductive property
RS 9:2171 Individual and corporate trustees
RS 9:2172 Security required by court
RS 9:2173 Increasing, diminishing, or dispensing with trustee's security by court
RS 9:2181 General rule
RS 9:2182 Effect of breach of trust upon compensation
RS 9:2191 Indemnity for expenses properly incurred
RS 9:2192 Indemnity for expenses not properly incurred
RS 9:2193 Liability of beneficiary
RS 9:2194 Charge on beneficiary's interest
RS 9:2195 Charge on beneficiary's interest; advance or loan of trust money
RS 9:2196 Indemnity for tort liability
RS 9:2201 General rule
RS 9:2202 Loss not resulting from breach of trust
RS 9:2203 Balancing losses against gains
RS 9:2204 Liability of successor trustee
RS 9:2205 Liability of co-trustee
RS 9:2206 Relief from liability by trust instrument
RS 9:2207 Relief from liability by beneficiary
RS 9:2208 Relief from liability by proper court
RS 9:2221 Remedies against trustee
RS 9:2222 Remedies against third persons
RS 9:2231 Causes of action; procedure
RS 9:2232 Injunctive relief
RS 9:2233 Instructions
RS 9:2234 Prescription
RS 9:2235 Proper court
RS 9:2241 General rule
RS 9:2242 Registered agent for service of process
RS 9:2251 Severability of provisions of trust instrument
RS 9:2252 Saving clause
RS 9:2260.1 Definitions
RS 9:2260.2 Custodial trust; general
RS 9:2260.3 Custodial trustee for future payment or transfer
RS 9:2260.4 Form and effect of receipt and acceptance by custodial trustee; jurisdiction
RS 9:2260.5 Transfer to custodial trustee by fiduciary or obligor; facility of payment
RS 9:2260.6 Multiple beneficiaries; separate custodial trusts; survivorship
RS 9:2260.7 General duties of custodial trustee
RS 9:2260.8 General powers of custodial trustee
RS 9:2260.9 Use of custodial trust property
RS 9:2260.10 Determination of incapacity; effect
RS 9:2260.11 Exemption of third person from liability
RS 9:2260.12 Liability to third person
RS 9:2260.13 Declination, resignation, incapacity, death, or removal of custodial trustee; designation of successor custodial trustee
RS 9:2260.14 Expenses, compensation, and bond of custodial trustee
RS 9:2260.15 Reporting and accounting by custodial trustee; determination of liability of custodial trustee
RS 9:2260.16 Limitations of action against custodial trustee
RS 9:2260.17 Distribution on termination
RS 9:2260.18 Methods and forms for creating custodial trusts
RS 9:2260.19 Applicable law
RS 9:2260.20 Uniformity of application and construction
RS 9:2260.21 Short title
RS 9:2262.1 Definitions
RS 9:2262.2 Recordation of instruments
RS 9:2262.3 Authority to convey
RS 9:2262.4 Form
RS 9:2263 Trust for the care of an animal
RS 9:2271 Charitable purpose; beneficiary; conditions,
RS 9:2272 Trustees
RS 9:2273 Who may be trustee
RS 9:2274 Application of Louisiana Trust Code
RS 9:2275 Trust enforcement
RS 9:2276 Repealed by Acts 2008, No. 637, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2277 Repealed by Acts 2008, No. 637, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2278 Repealed by Acts 2008, No. 637, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2279 Repealed by Acts 2008, No. 637, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2280 Repealed by Acts 2008, No. 637, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2281 Definition of terms used in R.S. 9:2282
RS 9:2282 Method of transfer of control of educational, charitable or religious trusts; grounds
RS 9:2283 Governing instrument; contents
RS 9:2290 Perpetual duration
RS 9:2291 Termination of small trust
RS 9:2292 Repealed by Acts 2008, No. 637, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2293 Repealed by Acts 2008, No. 637, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2294 Repealed by Acts 2008, No. 637, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2295 Repealed by Acts 2008, No. 637, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2009.
RS 9:2321 Title quieted and perfected by lapse of time
RS 9:2322 Rights in property after perfection of title
RS 9:2331 Circumstances authorizing application of doctrine; jurisdiction; petitioners
RS 9:2332 Filing of petition; order; notice; service
RS 9:2333 Hearing, evidence
RS 9:2334 Judgment
RS 9:2335 Immunity of trustee acting pursuant to judgment
RS 9:2336 Appeal
RS 9:2337 Application of Part
RS 9:2337.1 Short title
RS 9:2337.2 Definitions
RS 9:2337.3 Standard of conduct in managing and investing institutional fund
RS 9:2337.4 Appropriation for expenditure or accumulation of endowment fund; rules of construction
RS 9:2337.5 Delegation of management and investment functions
RS 9:2337.6 Release or modification of restrictions on management, investment, or purpose
RS 9:2337.7 Reviewing compliance
RS 9:2337.8 Application to existing institutional funds
RS 9:2337.9 Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act
RS 9:2337.10